Louisiana Grills Reviews

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Louisiana grills reviews

What I found out in the Louisiana grills reviews is that this brand was one of the first ones to start selling pellet grills. That should almost be enough proof that this brand is not a fly-by-night but a very respectable brand.

On this page, you will find links to the individual reviews of the Louisiana Grills models (1) as soon I am done writing them.

Louisiana Grills Models

Louisiana grills had developed 9 models of pellet grills. Each model comes in a few sizes and options. I will describe all models here for you.

Founders Premier

There are two models in the Louisiana grills founder premier category.

  • Premier 800 pellet grill
  • Premier 1200 pellet grill

There is some difference between the two but the main one is the grill surface. As the names give it away already the 800 has 846 square inches and the 1200 comes 1205 square inches.

Louisiana grills premier series

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Founders Legacy

The Louisiana grill founders’ legacy series also comes with two models.

  • Founders legacy 800
  • Founders legacy 1200

As you may be figured out the difference again is the available square inches of the grill surface. 846 and 1205.

One of the main differences with the premier series is the open flame 1000 degrees Fahrenheit that comes with it.

Louisiana grills legacy series

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Black Label

The Louisiana black label series is a little bigger with 3 models.

  • Black label 800
  • Black label 1000
  • Black label 1200

The main difference with the Premier series is that this one is WiFi-enabled. There is more but I will tell you more about that later.

Louisiana grills black label series

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SL Series

The SL series has 3 models and one of them is the portable wood pellet grill.

  • Sl 700
  • SL 1000
  • 300SL

The 700 comes with 698 square inches. The 1000 comes with 1014 square inches and the 300SL portable had a 333 square inches grill surface.

Louisiana grills SL series

Louisiana SL300

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Estate Series

The Louisiana Estate series also has a built-in and a stand-alone version.

The 860C is stand-alone and comes with a 304 square inches stainless steel grill grate.

860BI I can’t find too much information since it is sold out.

Louisiana grills estate series

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Elite Series

Both the pellet grills in the Elite series have 838 square inches as grill surface.

The two models are named.

  • 800 Elite
  • 800 Elite Deluxe

De Elite Deluxe comes with a flame broiler for direct and indirect cooking.

Louisiana 800 deluxe series

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Vertical Series

The Louisiana vertical smoker is great if you like to keep an eye on your grill. The glass door makes this very easy.

it also comes with 2 meat probes and the temperature range is from 100 to 420 degrees.

Louisiana grills vertical smoker

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Ceramic Series

The ceramic red K24 series is the Louisiana grills Kamado. With its 24 inches, it is considered a large Kamado grill.

Made of 304-grade stainless steel there is not much that can go wrong with this model.

Louisiana grills ceramic series

You can read my Louisiana Grills 24 inch Kamado grill review here1

Signature Series.

The Louisiana Grills signature series is actually one model and that is the LG900C2.

I can tell you that this one is very heavy and of high quality. It is basically an upgraded version of the LG700.

The 913 square inches and the cast iron cooking grate in combination with the slide pale flame broiler ensure a great grilling experience.

Louisiana Grills signature series

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Louisiana Grills reviews – My Opinion

As I mentioned earlier this page is only a list of all the models the Louisiana Grills offer.

I will do Individual reviews of most of the different models on their own pages.

Overall I have found many good reviews of these grills and the quality was mentioned many times as very good and that they are reliable grills.

FAQ about the Louisiana Grills

I have found a few questions that came back several times and here are some of them.

Q: Where are Louisiana Grills made?

A: Louisiana grills are a Canadian company but the grills are made in the USA as far as I can find out at the moment.

Q: What pellets to use with Louisiana grills?

A: You can use pellets from any brand on the Louisiana Grills.

Q: Where to buy Louisiana Grills.

A: Louisiana Grills can be bought in several places but their own store is one of the better places in my opinion.

Eddie van Aken

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