Louisiana Grills 24 inch Kamado Review

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Louisiana grills 24 inch kamado grill

This very popular Louisiana Ceramic Kamado-type charcoal grill comes highly recommended by many users.

Louisiana Grills 24″ Kamado

This Louisiana Grills 24″ Ceramic Kamado charcoal grill is one of the larger ones with its 24 inches diameter.

“That means you can cook a lot of food on it which makes it perfect for large families or cooking for large groups.”

Last Updated April, 2024

Quick Facts

The double-walled feature is one of the things you will only find in the Kamado grills with the ceramic inside. Heat retaining is no problem with this feature.

The dual damper system that is placed at the top and the bottom ensures a perfect way to control the temperature and keep it steady.

This feature also makes it possible to use this Kamado grill in a large range of temperatures. From low for smoking to extremely hot for pizza.

Pros and Cons

  • Very versatile in use
  • Temperature range
  • Temperature control
  • Bamboo side table
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Very Heavy
  • Stainless steel grate
  • Assembly
  • Ash cleanout
  • Air vents get hot

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Louisiana Grills 24″ Kamado Grill – My opinion

I have not used this Louisiana Grills ceramic kamado but have used several other Kamado grills and reading other people’s experience and combining it with my personal experience made me come to the following conclusion.

Size and Weight

24 inches falls in the category of large Kamado grills and this in combination with the ceramic insert means that this grill is very heavy.

Unboxing and First Use

A video can explain things a lot better than I can probably. Here is a video from unboxing and the first use of a Kamado 24″ from Louisiana Grills.

YouTube video player


The weight is high and that is why it is important to note that it comes with heavy-duty swivel wheels to move it around.


Assembly is basically not hard to do but a lot easier if done by two people because of the weight.

Grill Surface

This diameter results in 662 square inches of grilling space. I am a big fan of cast iron or ceramic coated grill grates and unfortunately, the grate is made of stainless steel I read several times that the food got stuck on it.

Where To Buy?

There are several places where you can buy this 24″ Louisiana Grills ceramic grill. I have been looking around on several sites and found the best prices on the two I recommend here. Check both of them to see who had the best deal!

Fuel for Kamado Grills

For all Kamado grills, I reviewed it is advisable to use lump charcoal. I have experienced that charcoal briquets burn with too much dust and this will settle on your food.

My experience with most Kamado grills is that they are so well insulated. The lids and air vents are manufactured in a way that they close very well.

When you close everything opening at the end of your cooking session, the charcoal will choke very fast and stop burning. This means you can use it again the next time. Nice charcoal saver.


For the cleanout, options have found different opinions. Some people had no problem and others mentioned that is hard to use the opening that is meant for that because it is too small.

Versatility in use

Kamado grills can be used for a variety of cooking. From baking to grilling and from smoking to roasting.

This is all possible thanks to the option to regulate the temperature very precisely.

Dampers and Airflow

The air intake at the bottom in combination with the dampers in the lid makes it possible to regulate the temperature very well.

Although I know that they can get very hot and the use of heat-resistant gloves is advised.


There are many accessories available for the Louisiana Grills Kamado. From pizza stone to cast iron skillet and all types of other options to turn this Kamado into a versatile cooking machine.


For smoking, it is always good to add woodchips. With this Louisiana Kamado charcoal grill, you will have to fire up the grill first and bring it up to temperature. After that, it is time to add wood chunks or chips.

Louisiana Grills 24″ Kamado review – My Opinion

Louisiana Grills makes very good grills and this Kamado K24 is no exception to that rule. It performs very well and will last a long time if used and protected the right way.

You can find all the Kamado grill reviews I did here so you can compare this one to other brands.

Louisiana grills kamado grill 24"

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