Looftlighter Alternatives – Who Is The Winner?

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Looftlighter alternatives

Many people like to use the Looftlighter for starting the charcoal on their grill. There are even people who use them as a firestarter for fire pit and indoor fire place.

Updated: April, 2024

But, is the Looftlighter the only one? After they founded the company in 2014 and started selling their products they have added 2 more models to their product line.

So, what are good Looftlighter alternatives?

After I wrote my best electric fire starter reviews I thought it was time to dive a little deeper in the popular Looftlighter and its alternatives.

HomeRight Electro C900085 Fire Starter

HomeRight electric torch

With almost 30 dollar cheaper than the Looftlighter and 4.5 stars rating from over 2500 buyers there can’t be a lot wrong with this electro torch.

The lower ratings complaints were mostly about it not getting hot and not lasting too long.

However, it still got 86% of 4 and 5 stars ratings.

GGC Electric Charcoal Fire Starter

GGC Electric fire starter torch

This GGC electric charcoal starter torch did get a little lesser ratings with an average of 4.3 stars from over 500 buyers.

The problems I read were mostly complaints about that you have to pull the button back before you can start it. Although I believe in safety features the opinion was that is very cumbersome to use.

With only 80% 4 and 5 star ratings is a little lower rated than the HomeRight at the top of this page.

DDY Electric Charcoal Fire Starter

DDY electric fire starter

This one comes in two colors. I just don’t fully understand why the red one is higher priced.

I had a good look at the 4.2 star ratings from over 590 buyers and this is what I found out.

More than 10% of the buyers claimed it did not work or stopped working only after a few times of using. I think this is a high percentage.

On the other hand the higher ratings like this fire starter and mentioned that they would buy it again.

DDY fire starter ratings

These ratings make it important to use it within the return window to make sure that if you don’t like it you can send it back.

Looftlighter versus Other Electric Fire Starters

I spend a lot of time comparing the Looftlighter to other charcoal starters that use hot air instead of a flame or electricity, chimney starters or electric charcoal starters with a heating coil.

In all my research it is my opinion that the original Looftlighter gets higher ratings than the other ones I found.

How Does A Looftlighter Work.

The Looftlighter uses very hot air to ignite the charcoal in your BBQ. You keep it very close to the charcoal first and than pull it further away to spread the hot air over all the coals.

how to use a Looftlighter

Looftlighter Models

If you still like to stick to the Looftlighter after reading about my Looftlighter alternatives you can choose from 3 models.

There are 3 models on the market from the Looftlighter store.

Looftlighter 1: Reaches 1200 Fahrenheit Degrees in 60 seconds. See Price Here

Looftlighter 2: Reaches 1400 degrees with 30% more airflow. See Price Here.

Looft Air Lighter X: Cordless 1200 Degrees Fahrenheit. See Price Here.

The Looft Air Lighter does get very bad reviews!

Here are the ratings I found for the Looftlighter 1 on Amazon.

Looftlighter ratings

As you can see the ratings are compared to the other ones I reviewed are a little higher and there less 1 and 2 star ratings.

Looftlighter Alternatives – My Opinion

If you look at the ratings it seems obvious to go for the Looftlighter.

However, looking at the prices might change your mind.

The Looftlighter 1 cost around 125 dollars. The other brands on this page are around 40 dollar.

That makes the Looftlighter almost 3 times more expensive!

At the end of the day it is your choice if you go for the Looftlighter or another brand.

If you like to have more choices in how to light the charcoal in our grill I suggest you to read my post on how to start a charcoal fire without lighter fluid.

After looking at all the options I am still using my Weber chimney starter and you can read here how to use it.

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