King Kooker Review – Multi Purpose Outdoor Cooker

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King Kooker

I had a good look at the King Kooker 24WC portable outdoor propane cooker with wok and in my review I am impressed with all the great features and high ratings.

“The best budget light weight outdoor propane cooker with a 12” wok and 54,000 BTUs

King Kooker 24WC

I read that people sold their flat top grill and replaced it with this cooker.

  • Wok cooking is very versatile.
  • Keep your house cool in the summer.
  • Easy to set up and use
king cooker dimensions

Quick Facts

With its height of 18.5 inches the King Kooker 24WC is easy to use on campground and backyards. This size also makes it easy to store including in RVs.

The 12 inches wide wok can be used for all types of cooking. From frying to braising and from steaming to smoking.

Just look up wok recipes and you will not run out of ideas.

The wok is made out of carbon steel and need to be seasoned before use.

  • Affordable price
  • Easy assembling
  • Saves on oil
  • High powered
  • Wok needs seasoning
  • Wok is a little thin
  • Sensitive to rust


Q: Where are King Kooker products made?

A: King Kooker products are made in Louisiana since 1979 by the Metal Fusion company.

King Kooker 24WC Review – My Opinion

When I had a gas stove I used a wok a lot. Now I have to cook on an electric stove I found that there is not enough heat on them to use a wok properly. It just does not get hot enough!

I had a good look and read tons of reviews of the 24WC and think it is a decent product that cost just under a $100. Not top quality but when taking care of and seasoned the right way it can last a long time.

“I never had a wok that did not needed to be seasoned and it did surprise me that people complaint about rust. “

Just as a cast iron pan a wok needs to be seasoned first and after every use.

I have read several ways of seasoning the King Kooker 24WC and the most used one, and one I use, goes like this.

  • Wash and scrub it with hot water and dish soap.
  • The first step should actually be to heat up your oven to about 400 Fahrenheit.
  • After washing just dry it of very fast and stick it in the 400 degrees oven for about 30 minutes.
  • Take it out of the oven and let it cool.
  • Rub it with cooking oil. Inside and outside
  • Place it back in the oven for 3o minutes.
  • Many people repeat this step 3 or 4 times for an optimum result.

Now your wok should be seasoned and ready to be used.

“Now, after every use you have to wash it and coat it with a fresh coat of cooking oil to prevent it from rusting!”

If you are in the market for a outdoor cooker of a little higher quality I suggest you to have a look at my opinion of the FIREDISC Cooker that is more than just a wok but also 3x times as expensive.

Overall the King Kooker 24WC can be considered as a good buy for the price you pay for it and the features it has.

Eddie van Aken

Eddie van Aken has years of experience in running his full-service restaurant and with this came working with using and dealing with all types of kitchen equipment. With his experience, he can find all the pros and cons of grills and add them to the grill reviews he is doing. You can read more on the about page for Eddie van Aken

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