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KettlePizza in action
made in USA

More and more people like to do more with their kettle grills than just grilling and smoking. With this KettlePizza kit, you can turn your kettle grill into a full outdoor pizzas oven.
This particular brand kettle pizza kit can be adjusted to 2 sizes and will fit most standard 22 inch Weber kettle grills and other brand grills. The small is the 18.5-inch diameter and the larger one is 22.5 inches inch diameter.

How does the KettlePizza kit work

KettlePizza kit how it works

You place the stainless steel sleeve in between the bottom and lid of your kettle grill and in this way it forms a cooking chamber. Then with the pizza pan or optional pizza stone placed on the grate, you can cook a Pizza in your kettle grill. The lid stays closed to keep the temperature controlled because the sleeve has an opening in the front. They say a picture paints a thousand words so that is why we included the picture on the left. Click on it enlarge for a better view.

Customer reviews of the KettlePizza kits

“Worked as advertised with Weber platinum charcoal grill. I was worried about not reaching 600-700 degrees but actually over 900 degrees with charcoal and 3 small white oak wood strips. Pizza turned out great each time we have used it. Weber needs to put a thermostat with a higher temp gauge because we pegged the one attached to the lid. It took about 5 minutes for each pizza to be ready. Yum!…”

“This is a nice option to the Weber Grille. Made awesome pizza the first time After the initial set up of the pizza kit. You simply set your charcoal up towards the back of the grill, with the pizza stone toward the front. Once the charcoal is on it’s way you have to add the wood chunks( we used Weber apple chunks). This will create the 700 + degrees needed to cook the pizza properly. A couple of tips….1 Turn your Weber grill grate upside down, so the charcoal access grates fall down, this makes it easier to add the wood to the charcoal. 2. Put the pizza stone in the second you light the grill so it warms up the whole time. 3. Rotate the pizza during cooking. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!…(read more: here)”

You can check the price of the KettlePizza Kits on Amazon here

Basic KettlePizza Kit

This kit contains:

  • The Stainless steel sleeve
  • 2 wooden handles
  • High-temperature thermometer
  • 14″ aluminum Pizza pan
  • The hardware
kettlepizza basic kit

Better Grills Rating: 4.4

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DeLuxe KettlePizza kit

This kit contains:

  • The Stainless steel sleeve
  • 2 wooden handles
  • High-temperature thermometer
  • 14″ aluminum Pizza pan
  • The hardware
  • Hand made Cordierite pizza stone
  • Wooden pizza peel

Better Grills Rating: 4.5

KettlePizza Deluxe
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DeLuxe USA KettlePizza kit

This kit contains:

  • The Stainless steel sleeve
  • 2 wooden handles
  • High-temperature thermometer
  • 14″ aluminum Pizza pan
  • The hardware
  • 1 x 15″ hand made Cordierite pizza stone
  • Aluminum pro pizza peel with hanging clip
KettlePizza DeLuxe USA

Amazon Rating: 4.8

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Kettle Pizza kit – My Opinion

These KettlePizza kits all get good comments on several sites. The only thing that keeps coming back is the little high price tag. This is understandable, but it is made in America and not in China what most people always complain about.

The stainless steel ring is the basics of any pizza oven. Diy or ready bought.
At first, I was confused about the size of the basic set. Looked like it was only for the 22.5-inch kettle grill, but after digging deeper and going to the manufacturer website it is the adjustable version and that comes included in all three of the kits.

The Cordierite pizza stone that comes in the DeLuxe and DeLuxe USA version is mentioned as high quality and is one inch thick and this is thicker than most other pizza stones.
I have not read anything about the stone cracking because of the temperature.

If you would like to read more about Cordierite you can click on this link that will take you to a Wikipedia page with all the information about Cordierite
For someone who wants to be ready in one buy, we suggest the DeLuxe or DeLuxe USA.
the only difference between these two is the Pizza Peel. Wooden for the DeLuxe and Aluminum for the DeLuxe USA.

If you feel like choosing your own pizza stone and pizza peel you can start with the basis kit, and have a look at our Pizza Stone Reviews to see what you prefer.

There is a little learning curve like with anything else. To find the right amount of charcoal and wood to reach the right temperature.
As you can read in this article how to start a charcoal grill without lighter fluid we recommend the use of a chimney starter for your charcoal.
The pizzas that are cooked on this KettlePizza kit and the taste that you get all depend on what kind of wood you use of course.
Overall if you feel you can justify the price for a Made in America KettlePizza we can recommend the KettlePizza Kits as a good buy.

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Tips from users of the KettlePizza kits

  • Use flour or even a circle of parchment paper on the Pizza stone to prevent sticking.
  • Close the top vent on your Kettle grill to let all air go over the Pizza.
  • Spread the charcoal out in the back for more even heat
  • Downside: my wife refuses to eat take-out pizza anymore! 🙂
  • Buy the pizza spinners, they will come in handy when turning the pizza in the kettle

Videos from the KettlePizza

Videos made by the owner of the

Some people like to go all the way and opt for an outdoor pizza oven. If that is you I suggest that you have a look at my Uuni pizza oven reviews to see if that is what you need.

Feel free to leave a comment or share your experience with the KettlePizza kits.

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