Kenyon Electric Grill Reviews

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Kenyon electric grill reviews

A Kenyon grill is a 120-volt electric grill of very high quality.
This Kenyon electric grill reviews page is still a continuous work in progress and will contain reviews of the Famous Kenyon grills that are outdoor and indoor grills still made in the USA by a small family-based business from Connecticut.

I have done reviews of several of the Kenyon stainless steel electric grills but am still in the planning of providing you with the full range of available all-season electric grills they have.

Kenyon B70082 Floridian

Kenyon Floridan B70082 bbq grill review
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This Kenyon grill will reach 600 degrees in about 10 minutes with its 1300 Watts element which is no problem.

The B70082 Floridan can be used inside and outdoors this makes it a very versatile grill. To make it even better this Kenyon is also available in a built-in electric grill version for your outdoor kitchen and even in 240 Volts.

For easy clean up the lid and grill grates are dishwasher safe. This electric grill is great for use in a boat or RV and is seawater safe because of its high-grade stainless steel

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Kenyon B70090 Frontier

Kenyon B70090 portable electric bbq grill review
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Kenyon B70050 Frontier Built in electric grill

This Electric Kenyon grill is the built-in version of the B70090 and comes with the same features and options.
We did a shorter Frontier BBQ review and summed up all the features there for you.

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Kenyon Texan Grill

Kenyon Texan electric grill review
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This Kenyon Texan electric grill review will be done very soon. If you like to read more click on the link under the picture.
Both are available in a portable version and a built-in version.

Kenyon accessories

What we also will review are Kenyon grill accessories and the famous Kenyon A70026 portable grill cart you can use for your Kenyon BBQ grill.
Drip trays Kenyon B96001
Grill cover A70002
Griddle for the Kenyon gills

People who work at Kenyon in Connecticut are very happy and proud of the product they make.

Cook with Kenyon

On the official Kenyon website (1) I found some interesting news about the Kenyon company.
First I would like you to have look at the video I found and it seems that people like to work at Kenyon and are proud of their work and the top-rated electric Kenyon grills they make.

YouTube video player

Kenyon electric grill reviews – My opinion

Although most used as an outside grill the Kenyon electric grills are actually also an indoor-outdoor electric grill since you can also use them as a countertop grill. But maybe it is better to have it used as a build-in electric grill?

The options are there and all you have to do is pick the one that fits your situation. Kenyon even builds them to be used as an electric boat grill.

The name Kenyon city grill is just one of the names these grills go by. But they are not only to be used in the city but also on boats and then known as the Kenyon marine grill. Some people love them also indoors.

This Kenyon electric grill review forced me to describe the Kenyon electric grill and I would probably call it an electric outdoor barbecue grill since that is how it is used in most cases.

As I wrote earlier the Kenyon grill is a high-quality indoor-outdoor electric grill that performs the same or even better than some propane or charcoal-powered ones.

The biggest advantages are the fact that all you need is an outlet, an easy cleanup, and a great performance. The fact that they are used on boats proves that already in my opinion.

have a look at the individual review to see if this is the type of grill you can use to cook some awesome food.

Eddie van Aken

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