Kamado Joe Accessories

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Kamado Joe accessories

I was surprised by the high number of Kamado Joe accessories I found for all their models. Some can be used in all models and other ones are specifically made for one model.

Make sure that the accessories you are looking for will fit your Kamado Joe as some are available in different sizes. I made a list f what some people call must-have Kamado Joe accessories.

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Kamado Joe Rotisserie

This is also known under the name JoeTisserie and I have seen it in action grilling Shoarma and it worked great.

You can order one for the Classic joe or the Big Joe. I have read reviews that people used it for a 12-pound turkey with no problems.

According to the Kamado Joe website, it can handle up to 50 pounds.

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Kamado Joe Pizza Accessoiries

There are two Kamado Joe accessories that can help you cook pizza on your Joe.

Kamdo Joe DoJoe

The DoJoe is a complete pizza system that you can add to the Classic Joe or the Big Joe.

Kamado Joe DoJoe

The cooking area depends on the size you buy. The obvious is that the one for the Big Joe is larger.

You just place the DoJoe in between your grill and the lid and you are ready to cook some great pizza after firing up your Kamado Joe to a high temperature.

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Kamado Joe Ceramic Pizza Stone

Kamado Joe Pizza stone

This Kamado Joe pizza stone comes in 15″ and 20″ depending on the size of you Joe. The 15″ is 0.6 inches thick and the 20″ is 0.31 inches thick.

One warning is that you have to use it with the heat deflector that comes with your grill to avoid that the Pizza will burn.

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Heat Deflector Plates

Kamado Joe heat reflector plate

These two half-moon reflector plates make it possible to use one side of your Kamado Joe for indirect and the other side for direct cooking.

Just one warning. You have to use also the divide and conquer flex rack for this.

The one you see here is for the Kamado Joe classic series.

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Kamado Joe Grill Cover

If you have ever read one of my other grill reviews you know that I always advise getting a quality grill cover. In the case of the Kamado Joe, I think that with the price you pay for it is one Kamado Joe accessory I can recommend.

Kamado Joe grill cover

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Kamado Joe Slow Roller.

This is a fairly new feature and you get it with some of the models. However, if you like to add it your Classic Joe or Big Joe you can do that also.

The SloRoller that you add to the grill changes the way the airflow in your cooking chamber works. This results in a more even temperature and more smoke flavor in your meat.

Kamado Joe LowRoller.

As you can see this accessory can be placed on your grill grate and will change the whole way your grill works. In my opinion great for low and slow cooking.

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Kamado Joe Accessories – My Opinion

I have a feeling that the future of grilling will be that more people will opt for a Kamado-type grill. That makes it important to find the best accessories for your Big Joe, Classic you, or other models you use.

With accessories, you can use your Kamado Joe into a grilling and cooking machine that can be used for many things.

Prices of the Kamado Joe accessories are on the high end but the quality is also great. Most of the time you get what you pay for.

Where to buy Kamado Joe accessories is a hard-to-answer question. I have bought many grill accessories on Amazon and have good experience with that. Others might prefer to buy from the Kamado Joe website.

Eddie van Aken

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