Kamado grill reviews

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kamado grill reviewsWhat would a Kamado grill reviews article be without a little history.

The word Kamado comes original from Japan and the word means stove or oven. It is mentioned that the Kamado is as old as 3000 year, and has always made of a Clay, Ceramic material, and is always used with lump charcoal.

Reason for the charcoal is that is creates just a little ashes compared to using briquettes.
The claim is that if you cook and grill on a Kamado, the flavor is great because there is no flavor of other materials mixed in. For the whole story you can go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamado

Since the original Kamado had the problem of cracking the more modern versions are made a little more durable.
The use of materials like ceramics, that can withstand high temperatures and other modern material that can be mixed with cement improved the overall quality and durability.

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Why use a Kamado Grill

The people that use a Kamado claim that the taste of the meat or other things you cook on them is so much better than with any other grill.

Most Kamado grills have a very good air vent system and in combination with the fact that they retain heat very well, makes is possible to maintain a very steady temperature with a Kamado.

Technical aspects of a Kamado grill

The Kamado should have an air vent at the lower part to control the air to the charcoal and a air vent in the top part to let the hot air out.
Both vents are used to control the temperature and you can read my article on how to use vents on a charcoal grill here.

As always you can make it as fancy as you wish.
Digital temperature control with a small blower at the bottom to control the air and thus temperature is one of the options you have.

Kamado grill video and what I would do different

Nice video about a Kamado grill, but I would have used a Charcoal starter instead of starter block. I do not like to use these chemical things.

It also seems he used the same cutting board for his raw and cooked meat and that is a big no no.

There are, and there will be more, brands that sell Kamado style grills and some of them try to keep the price low by not using ceramic, but a metal cooking chamber.

I have not enough experience with Kamado style grills to judge that, but the ones I have used all had the ceramic inside. I think it will keep the heat better retained compared to metal.

I read that someone after using his grill had so much heat left inside that he made jerky in it by letting it sit in there all night.

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