Jack Stack BBQ Reviews

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jack stack bbq review

I wrote this Jack Stack BBQ review after reading some great things about this Kansas City Style BBQ restaurant that also ships all its food nationwide.

Let’s be honest. We don’t always have time or feel like firing up the grill. Jack Stack BBQ in the freezer will help with that problem.

What is Jack Stack Barbecue?

Jack Stack BBQ goes back to 1957 when Russ Fiorella opened as a storefront BBQ with a menu of 6 items.

In 1974, while working with his father, the son Jack decided to branch out and started a second store in Martin City.

In the mid-seventies, Jack and his wife started to cook meats over Hickory to stand out in the competitive barbecue restaurants in Kansas City.

Fast forward, and in the third generation Fiorella family it has evolved into a chain with 5 locations and now also offers nationwide shipping of their BBQ dishes.

Let’s dig a little deeper and start with my Jack Stack BBQ review.

What Does Jack Stack BBQ Offer?

I had a good look at what the Jack Stack online BBQ menu had to offer and was impressed by the number of dishes to choose from.

Jack Stack BBQ main meats.

  • Ribs
  • Sausage
  • Burnt Ends
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chopped BBQ Meats.

Let’s find out more about what all the menu options are in their online store.

Best BBQ Packages

These packages have the choice to order for 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, or 10+ persons.

There are 29 options of meat to choose from in these packages.

jack stack barbecue packages

Create-Your-Own BBQ Packages

As the name already gives away this package allows you to create your own package. There are two sizes. The Super Sampler and the Big Taste of KC.

jack stack bbq package

Bundle And Safe Barbecue Packs

There are 12 dishes to choose from in these BBQ packs.

bundle and safe bbq pack from jack stack bbq

BBQ A La Carte

This section contains several add-ons that will complement the other packages you have ordered with 3 sides of beans, Cheesy Cake bake, Cheesy Potato Bake, and a mix and match sides package.

jack stack side dishes

Sauces and Rubs

If you like to cook your meat with the seasoning blend and sauces that the Jack Stack BBQ uses you can order these in their store.

jack stack sauces and rubs


What is better than ending a good BBQ plate with a great dessert. With Jack Stack BBQ you can have both. Here are the desserts they offer.

jack stack desserts

Gift Cards

If you know a BBQ lover and would like to surprise him or her with a nice present, Jack Stack barbecue restaurant offers gift cards.

jack stack barbecue  gift cards

Jack Stack Barbecue Shipping

All the orders are packed fully cooked and vacuum-sealed.

The package is shipped with dry ice in durable and insulated coolers that can be reused.

Packages are shipped from Monday through Thursday and the company they use is FedEx. Your package will arrive within the same business week. Mostly they arrive within 1 to 3 business days depending on your location.

The shipping cost is calculated by your shipping address.

You can opt for express shipping via FedEx.

Jack Stack BBQ Pitmasters

I found a video that shows you a day out of the life of one of the pitmasters.

YouTube video player

Pretty impressive to see how much meat they cook and the nice equipment they have.

Jack Stack BBQ Reviews – My Opinion

Although I have not yet tasted the Jack Stack BBQ I am planning on ordering me some very soon.

I have, however, read many reviews of customers that did order and tried this BBQ.

Here are some of the reviews I found online.

Jack Stack barbecue customer reviews

Overall I think you can not go wrong with ordering BBQ from a company that has been in business for so long and operates multiple locations.

After all, you do not stay in business all this time if you don’t have high-quality products.

If you like to order just meat and grill or smoke it yourself you can have a look at the other meat delivery services I reviewed and use Jack Stack barbecue seasoning.

Places to order meat I reviewed are:

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