INKBIRD IBT-26S Review – Smart BBQ Thermometer

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My unbiased review of the new INKBIRD IBT-26S Bluetooth and WiFi BBQ thermometer.

INKBIRD send me their newest model BBQ and Grill thermometer to test and as always I told them I would do an honest review.

I did not have a chance yet to do a whole in-depth review. The reason is that I received the thermometer just before I started to cook some chicken leg quarters.

I quickly downloaded the app and set up my account.

After this, it was a breeze to connect the IBT-26S to my phone with Bluetooth.

I am not a big fan of Bluetooth and decided to connect through my Wi-Fi and use this first.

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My Experience With The INKBIRD -IBT-26S

inkbird 26s installed on the grill

As I mentioned before I did not have a lot of time to prepare this and connected just the ambient temperature probe and one to insert into the chicken.

I kept the INKBIRD on while I was preheating the grill and according to my built-in thermometer, it kept up nicely and accurately.

Once at 350 Fahrenheit, and a stable temperature was reached, I inserted the other probe in the thicker part of the chicken leg quarter without touching the bone.

What happened?

My phone lost contact with the INKBIRD one time (as mentioned in the manual) probably because I attached it to the metal side of my charcoal grill.

As soon as I moved it the connection was perfect throughout the whole cook.

I did receive a few messages that the temperature was out of the set parameters, but again that was because I did not have the time to set it up.

“During the cook, I started playing with the app and the settings. It was pretty easy to adjust the settings and alarms.”

INKBIRD IBT-26S – My Opinion

“If I had to describe it in a few words I can just say that I enjoyed using the IBS-26S.”

What I like about the INKBIRD ibt-26s!

  • The pre-set internal temperatures for all types of meats.

You can adjust these settings very easily in the app.

  • The easy-to-use app
  • That you can choose between 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi.
  • The fact that you can choose between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • The fact that you can use 6 probes. (4 probes are included)

1 probe is for the temperature in the grill and 5 other ones you can use for the internal temperature in the meats.

What I didn’t like about the INKBIRD ibt-26s

“Remember that this is my personal opinion and others might have a different opinion.”

  • That you have to set up an account and have to be logged in to use the INKBIRD ibt-26s.

This is great if you like to save your cooks in the cloud and access them later. I will probably never use this option so it would be great if you could just use it without it.

  • The clip for the stand is a little small and that makes the screen a little hard to see if you decide not to use the app on your phone.

However, with the magnetic back, it is very easy to stick it to some metal surface.

inkbirrd ibt 26 s grill and kitchen wifi thermometer.

Together I am pretty impressed with this new INKBIRD thermometer. I will use it a lot more and share my experiences with it here.

I found a video from the INKBIRD company with an introduction to their new 5g thermometer, and maybe that will help you even more than my short review of the INKBIRD ibt-26s.

YouTube video player

The Inkbird IBT-26S is, in my opinion, one of the most affordable grill thermometers that offer great connectivity and an absolutely easy-to-use app on Android and Apple phones with the 5 probes it standard comes with.

In my other wireless thermometer reviews, which you can find here, I review more thermometers.

Will I ever use all 6 probes? Probably not but I think it is great to have that option instead of wishing you had one more probe.

Eddie van Aken

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