Indoor Grills With Removable Plates Reviews – My Top 5

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Finding an Indoor grill with removable plates can be very time-consuming. Here you can find my top 5 of the best-sold and highest-rated brands and models.

indoor grill with removable plates

Before digging into the nitty-gritty details and all the pros and cons of the brands and models here they are my top 5.

My Top 5 indoor grills with removable plates reviews

  • T-Fal Optigrill
  • George Foreman 4 Servings
  • Hamilton Beach 25360
  • Cuisinart GR-4N
  • Delonghi America Livenza All Day

T-Fal Optigrill

T fall optigrill with removable plates

The reason that I put this T-fal first is because of the fact that I like it very much and so do many people who gave it very high ratings.

I did an in-depth T-Fal Optigill review of this electric indoor grill with removable plates.

I can only say that this is a very nice grill with many options.

There is the Optigrill and the Optigrill plus and the difference is that the plus had more options and can handle more servings.

If you click on the picture on the left you can find the price and see that this indoor grill is probably more affordable than you think.

George Foreman 4 Servings

Gerorge Foreman indoor gril with removable plates

This George foreman GRP3060P is one of the best sellers of that brand.

I found almost 4200 buyers who took the time to add a customer review and gave it an average of 4.2 stars out of 5 to give.

This grill is designed in a way that the fat and grease will run off into the tray.

The removable plates are installed with 1-inch floating hinges to make sure that they contact the food perfectly even when it is not of an even thickness.

Available in Black and platinum color. I just don’t understand why the Platinum is about $12 higher in price compared to the black version.

If you are looking for another grill from this brand you can have a look at all the George foreman indoor grill reviews here.

We cannot deny that this is brand is very popular and there are tons of recipes to find for it online.

Hamilton Beach 25360

Hamilton Beach 25360 with removable plates

The Hamilton Beach brand could not be left out of this best indoor grill with removable plates overview in my opinion.

The model that comes the most recommended is the Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor flavor and searing grill.

If you are interested you can have a look at my in-depth review of the Hamilton Beach 25360 here.

This was one of the highest-rated indoor grills that I could find for searing meat.

There are two models to choose from. One with a regular lid and one with a window in the lid so you can keep an eye on what you are cooking.

The removable plates are dishwasher safe and also non stick and I could not find any negative reviews about this indoor grill.

Cuisinart GR-4N

Cuisinart GR 4N indoor grill with removable plates

Cuisinart is another brand that I had to include here for the simple fact that is a very popular and affordable brand.

One of the most popular models is the GR-4N and I did a review of the Cuisinart GR-4N model here.

One of the main benefits is that the plates are not just removable but also reversible. That opens up a whole lot of new options to use this indoor grill.

This grill can also be used open and that doubles the grill surface and offers it to be used as a full-size grill.

As an extra, it comes with a recipe book and a scraper tool to clean it.

Delonghi America Livenza All Day

Delonghi America electic indoor grill with removable plates

The Delonghi America CGH1020 Livenza all day as the full name is is a little higher in price bot offers a lot of bang for your bucks.

Like the Cuisinart aboe this electric grill can also be used folded open as a grill. Uses as a contact grill or Panini press you can not used it open ofcourse and this will cut the size of 18 x 14 inches in half.

The two plates are easily removed and dishwasher safe for easy and effortless cleaning.

Ther is an app available that gets updates on a regular basis with new recipes. I could not find to much information about this option however.

Just like for the other indoor grills on this page I also did a full reviw of the Delonghi Americal Livenza All day for you in its own page.

You can read more there if you think this is the indoor grill with removable plate for you type of cookking and household.

More Brands

If you are still not sure you can have a look at all the indoor grill reviews I did and see if you can find one there. Or have a look at the brands and models below.

If you are looking for the best indoor grill with removable plates I can not tell you what to buy. It all depends on your situation and what you use it for. I hope that these tips and ideas helped you find one.

It is, however, a fact that the better quality you buy with the most options you can cook more types of food on it.

Most brands mention that the plates can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but some of them mention that the detergent in combination with the force of the water can damage the non-stick coating.

Tips About Indoor Grills With Removable Plates

There is more to know about using an indoor grill with removable plates than just the points I mentioned above in these reviews.

Here are a few things to look at before making your final decision on what brand, model, and features will fit your family the best.

Length of the cord: Depending on how your kitchen layout is it might be good to have a look at how long the cord is and if it can reach the outlet you like to use.

Grease tray: The grease tray needs to be big enough to hold the grease that drips of your grill. Nothing is more annoying than the grease running over the countertop.

grill grate shape: The grill grate needs to be a little sloped towards the grease tray to make sure that the grease runs off your grill and does not stay on there and cook your grill in its own grease.

Double or single grates: Some tabletop grills offer the option to use it folded open as an indoor grill and not just as a sandwich or meat grill that covers the food on the bottom and the top.

Hinges: Some models come with so-called floating hinges. Meaning that they adjust to the thickness of the meat or sandwich you cook on it. The grill grates will then have full contact with the food.

Heating up: it is always a good tip to let the grills cycle on and off a few times to make sure the whole grill surface is on temperature.

Legs: The legs under your indoor grill should be made in a way that the grill will not slide all over the countertop.

Child safe: The combination of the non-skid legs and the length of the cord should make it able to place to grill on a surface that can not be reached by smaller children.

Cleaning: Cleaning is not a thing most people like to do. These indoor grills with removable plates take a lot of that work away by making it able to clean them in the dishwasher.

If you have anything to add to these reviews of my 5 most popular indoor grills with removable plates feel free to leave it in the comments.

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