Electric Indoor Grills

electric indoor grill reviewsIn our electric indoor grill reviews, we will help you find the best indoor grill for your situation.

Indoor grills come in a variety of different forms. Most people think of grilling meat when it comes to indoor grilling and that is what they are most used for in general.
But there is more than that you can grill on a smokeless electric indoor grill.

The variety of these grills we looked at in our electric indoor grill reviews, makes it possible to grill almost anything as we do on an outdoor grill.

The nature of all these grills is that they are electric indoor grills because gas or charcoal is not to be used inside.

Indoor Grill Brands We Reviewed

Cuisinart / DeLonghi / George Foreman / T-Fal / Hamilton Beach / Philips/ Zojirushi / Presto / Oster / Cost / More to know / Safety

Cuisinart electric indoor grills

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Cuisinart indoor grill reviewsThe first indoor grill reviews we have started are from Cuisinart.
You can read all the reviews by clicking on this link.
==>> Cuisinart indoor electric grill reviews <<==
We reviewed the following Cuisinart indoor grills for you and you can jump to the review right away.

DeLonghi indoor grills

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DeLonghi indoor electric grill reviewsWe started on our De’Longhi indoor grill review with the 3 most sold and highest rated models. Although sometimes most sold is not the highest-rated we fond out.
Have a look at the page where you can choose a model and then read the whole review on its own page to decide if this is the grill or griddle you need for your kind of healthy cooking.
You can read all the Delonghi indoor grill reviews by clicking on this link.
==>> DeLonghi indoor electric grill reviews <<==
We reviewed the following Delonghi indoor grills for you and you can jump to the review right away.

George Foreman indoor grill reviews

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George Foreman indoor grillsWe could not let the popular George Foreman grills out our indoor grill reviews of course. The popularity and many users of these grills made us have a look at the top 5 models and have a good look at them to see if they deserve there reputation.
You can read all the reviews by clicking on this link.
==>> George Foreman indoor electric grill reviews <<==
We have reviewed the following George Foreman grill for you.

T-Fal Optigrill reviews

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Optigrill reviewsAfter doing the review of this T-fal indoor electric grill we are very impressed with the performance and the many programmed options these two grills have. There is of course also the manual option to use. The two sizes make it easy to choose the one that will fit your kitchen and budget. If we can make one recommendation after doing all the indoor grill reviews it would be this one.
You can read all the reviews by clicking on this link.

Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill Reviews

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Hamilton beach indoor electric grillsWe had to pick a few models to start within our indoor grill reviews of the Hamilton Beach brand and decided on the three you find below. The Hamilton Beach company has a lot of nice indoor grills and we might add more in the future. You can have a look at the ones we did and let us know if you would like one added to the list. You can also tell us about your experience with the Hamilton Beach electric grills you use and add this to our page to inform our readers even more. You can read all the Hamilton Beach Indoor electric grill reviews here.
The models we reviewed you can find through the links below. This will bring you straight to them

Philips Indoor Grill Reviews

There is only one Philips indoor grill we reviewed up to now.
That is the Philips smokeless grill

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill Review

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Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill ReviewWe looked at the Zojirushi brand and although not very well known there indoor grills got some high ratings. We reviewed the Zojirushi EB CC15 and with its 1300 Watts if it performs very well.
You can read all the reviews by clicking on this link.

Presto electric indoor griddle

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We are in the process of doing some Presto Cool-touch indoor electric griddle reviews and to be honest, are pretty impressed with the quality compared to the price of these griddles.

We started with the first ones and that is the:

Presto 07061 Griddle review

But there are more on our list.

Oster Grills

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Oster indoor grillsMaybe not as well known as some of the major brands this is still a brand that is used by many people because of the affordable price and durability.

We looked at the 5 top-selling models including all the ones with the ceramic non-stick coating that we all love so much.
Have a look at the Oster indoor grills we reviewed.

Cost of using an electric indoor grill

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The cost of running any electric grill are in most cases very low, but it mainly depends on the average price for residential electricity in your area.

The way to calculate the cost is to start with finding how much Watts your electric grill (or any other electric appliance) is. This can be found in most cases on the model number plate at the bottom. If not then it should be in your manual.

Your electric company charges you Kilowatt/Hours. This means that if your grill is 1000 Watt this is one kilowatt. The average price of electricity is around 12 cents.

A 1000 watts electric grill would cost you about 12 cents per hour. It is actually less because the heating element does not run continuously but cycles on and of.

You can see that it is very cheap and economical to use the indoor grills we reviewed here on this website.

More indoor grills we will review

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green-tick-buttonWe have started on our grills for indoors in this indoor grill review page. If you would like us to review an indoor grill brand or model just let us know and we will put it on our to-do list.
There are many people who look for an indoor grill with removable plates and we have to. Click on the link to see them.

We have placed links to Amazon to the indoor grills, griddles and grill pans we think about reviewing next.

Indoor grills and griddles

Indoor stove-top grill

Indoor grill pan

Indoor grill safety

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Cooking indoors on an electric grill is different than on an outdoor gas or charcoal grill. By being indoors we have to take some safety measures into consideration.

An electric grill can get very hot and are because of that a safety and fire hazard. If you read the news there are numerous fires caused by indoor grilling.

By just following a few easy steps we try to add some safety tips on our indoor grill reviews and it is no problem using an indoor electric grill.

  • Do not leave it unattended
  • Do not leave the kitchen when it is turned on
  • Do not move it while being hot
  • Keep water away from it

One thing is extremely important if you have smaller children and that is to make sure they can not reach the cord and pull the grill of the counter-top.

It is my recommendation and the one from any fire brigade to have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen at all times, but in particular when you use an indoor grill. It also can come in handy with grilling outdoors.

I hope that our indoor grill reviews will help you find the brand or model you need to cook and grill some great food on it.

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