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How To Use Weber Chimney Starters

People Wonder HOW TO USE WEBER CHIMNEY STARTERS And That Was Reason For Me To Write A Step By Step Tutorial And Show How Easy It is To Use.

Traeger Controller Replacement

Traeger controller replacement is not hard to do and can be done with some basic tools most people have at home. Some people like to do a Traeger controller upgrade because they like to switch to a PID controller instead of the non-PID controller. There are also times that a controller just needs to be …

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How To Buy A Gas Grill

Every website slowly has a how to buy a gas grill guide, but many have just copied it from some source and some of them don’t make to much sense to me. Reason for me to write the ultimate guide on how to buy a gas grill and not waste money on buying a grill …

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How To Buy A Grill or BBQ

How to buy a grill and what kind of grill or BBQ should I buy is a question we run into a lot. Reason for us to write a post on how to choose the right grill that fits your family size, your way of cooking and grilling, and your budget. We will answer all …

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What Is An Infrared Grill

To explain what is an infrared grill we have to get a little technical. But I like to use easy and plain English to tell what I found out about what is an infrared grill. There are probably better ways to explain it, but this is my way, after reading a bunch of technical stories …

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How To Brine A Turkey

At the moment of my writing Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the word turkey kept popping up in my mind. Like I wrote in my Char Broil big easy infrared reviews I am a big fan of the oil-less turkey fryers after eating a turkey cooked in one of them a few years …

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Wood Chips For Smoking

The subject of wood chips for smoking meat is sometimes made to complicated. I have tried to make it a little easier and will tell you what I use and how I use the wood for smoking in my situation. Adding wood to your grill indirect, to your smoker box or in your electric smoker …

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