How to solve gas grill regulator problems

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common gas grill problem

Common BBQ grill regulator problems

The most common problem is that our flame seems not to get high anymore.

This causes the grill not to heat up and not perform anymore.
I have read many stories about people changing out gas tanks or burners several times and not find the problem.

Even read about people dumping their grill because they thought it was broken and could not be fixed.

The story behind gas regulator problems

The problems are not limited to Weber, Char Broil or Coleman but can happen on any outdoor gas grill it is just that these brands are mentioned more because they are sold more in my opinion.

For a couple of years, there is a safety feature on grills that causes problems with the gas flow of the propane gas grills.
This can be caused by several things like

  • Damaged part of the grill
  • Clogged gas lines
  • Leaking gas line or connection

But most of the time it is caused by this new safety feature, that works like this:
In case of a gas leak, the gas flow is higher than normal. This feature in our regulator registers an abnormally high gas glow and restricts the flow by shutting a kind of valve.

What to do about propane grill regulator problems

regulatorStep 1: Keep the lid open to ventilate
Step 2: Turn all knobs off
Step 3: Turn off the knob of the tank
Step 4: Disconnect the hose from the tank.
Step 5: Wait a while and reconnect the hose to the tank
Step 6: Turn the knob of the tank open. But the trick DO IT SLOW
Step 7: Light your grill like you always do.

This should solve the problem
After this, you should be able to start using your grill as normal.
For some reason, this is more a Weber grill problem than any other brand.

Here are 2 videos I found on this subject that can make it more clear than I did in my explanation may be.

Gas regulator replacement

If you have to replace it you can click on my propane regulator or hose adapter replacement post I wrote. This is all about propane hose adapters, hoses with regulators, regulators, and gauges you can use to either replace or improve your propane gas grill.

Leave us a comment if this worked or you have more tips on this subject. We like to hear all the tricks in the book.

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