How to Grill Your Way To A Healthier Lifestyle

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Americans are well-known for their love of grilling. This year, a survey revealed that 76% of Americans plan to grill outside more during the warmer weather.

This is no surprise, especially given that 56% of Americans enjoy grilling as a dedicated hobby. In fact, most Americans agree that they enjoy experimenting with the latest grilling trends. Well then, how about trying one of the best ones around healthy grilling?

Healthy grilling ensures that we can enjoy our favorite grilled meals, complete with the outdoor and family bonding experience, while still maintaining our fitness and health. Intrigued? Here’s a closer look.

Why Grilling Is So Great

But what motivates Americans to love grilling so much? First off, tons of social events call for the collective experience of grilling.

That’s why many start to buy grills after Memorial Day, or the start of the summer season when everyone flocks to the outdoors.

The high demand for the best gas grills can sometimes even cause prices to lower.

There are also occasions like the Fourth of July. Barbecuing is a great way to celebrate being an American and relish the taste of freedom in the outdoors. Also, grilling is delicious!

The smoky flavor from the charcoal transfers into meats, vegetables, and even fruits on the grill. Because of that, it’s easier to skip additives like butter and increase your vegetable intake.

How To Put Together A Healthy Grill Diet

Of course, grilling isn’t without risks. The high temperatures cause amino acids in meat to react with the creatine — naturally found in meat and seafood — and produce carcinogenic chemicals.

Thankfully, this can be easily mitigated with a few tricks. Eat This, Not That!’s editor Cheyenne Buckingham suggests grilling diets where the meat is routinely turned and cooked at lower temperatures to reduce charring.

When charring does occur, the charred parts of meat can be picked off to reduce exposure to HCAs, especially for children and older adults.

Many can also consider centering their grill plans around fish fruits and vegetables. To help in composing a delicious and healthy grill diet for the family, you can also consult with experts who can vet the best and safest diets.

The nutrition and behavior change scientists who look after WeightWatchers’ weight loss programs focus on personalized diets that factor in nutrition, budget, and even certain preferences. This allows families to safely put together and consume healthy grilled meals in moderation.

What does a healthy grilled meal look like? Besides reduced char, there’s reduced fat as well because the meats’ fat drips off the racks instead of getting reabsorbed.

For barbecue, consider reducing sugar and calories as well by skipping store-bought condiments, such as ketchup and barbecue sauce. Instead, experiment with spices and homemade marinades, or even enjoy the flavor of the grill on its own.

How to maintain food safety while grilling a healthy diet

There are still food safety steps to follow no matter what you’re cooking. For grilling a healthy diet, make sure to wash your hands before and after touching any raw items to prevent the spread of bacteria and foodborne illness.

Separate these from ready-to-eat foods such as dips or salads as well.

Furthermore, notes the internal temperatures of our meals matter, as the appearance of chars on the outside can be deceiving. Using a food thermometer is essential to ensure that meats especially are cooked through and that you and your family avoid food poisoning.

With these tips, you’re on your way to becoming a healthy grill expert. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different healthy grilled meals and check back here at Better Grills for more grilling tips and recipes.

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