How To Cut Cooked Meat The Right Way

how to cut cooked meat the right way

I have messed up several nice pieces of meat. Not so much by cooking them wrong on the grill or smoker, although I still make mistakes there, but by cutting them wrong after cooking.

Key Takeaway

  • Learn to “Read” your meat.
  • Cut against the grain.
  • Learn from your mistakes

What Is The Right Way To Cut Meat?

If you speak in a very general way you can say that cutting against the grain is the correct way of cutting meat. However, this is easier said than done.

I don’t know about you but if you see what I cook most then that is Beef, Pork, and Chicken.

So, in my case, it is important to learn how to cut these types of meat first, and later I can have a look at other cuts.

Video On How To Cut Cooked Meat

It was my lucky day. I found this video and he explained exactly how to cut beef, pork, and chicken. The cuts I use most.

YouTube video player

How To Cut Cooked Meat – What I Learned

What I learned most from watching this video (about 5 times) is that I have to learn to “read” the meat that I cooked.

I have to take a little time and look at it first and maybe stretch it to see where the direction of the grain is going and if the whole piece is the same or that I have to turn it somewhere in the process.

After that, I have to take my time to cut it the right way. I am sure by improving the way I cut cooked meat that the people I cook for will get a better piece of meat on their plate.

The Flank steak I cooked the other day would have benefited from it if I had known this earlier.

Some parts I cut with the grain and were tough. Other parts I cut against the grain and they were tender.

So, cutting cooked meat the right way is a very important step and can make the difference between tasting tough or tender although it was cooked the right way.

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