Grilling Accessories

grill accessoriesGrilling without the right grilling accessories is almost doomed to fail.
There are a few products you need to grill or to keep your grill in good shape.

A few simple ones are spatula, tong and a grill fork. Without these it is hard to keep grilling in an easy way. Products to help a griller are the perfect present to give on birthdays and for the holiday season.

We have reviewed the following grilling accessories for you.

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1. Grill covers 2. RecTec grill mat 3. Smoke Tubes 4. Thermometer reviews 5. Grill brushes 6. Electric Charcoal starters 7. Grilling tool sets 8. Grill lights 9. Grill gloves 10. Meat injectors 11. Pizza stone reviews 12. Best Cooking knifes 13. KettlePizza 14. Char Broil rotisserie 15. Patio grill tables 16. Wood chips for smoking meat


Grill Covers

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grill covers
Grill covers are very important to use for a grill. The right cover can make your grill last a lot longer and keep it in a better shape. We started reviewing grill covers here and you can just click on the picture to go and see the reviews.



Rec Tec grill mat

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Rec Tec Grill Mat ReviewGrill mats are a fairly new accessory in the world of grilling and barbecuing, but they gain in popularity very fast. Here we start with the review of the Rec Tec grill mat. In our opinion one of the best grill mats.
When we started reading all the comments and recommendation for this grill mat we could not leave it out of our reviews here on better grills. Click on the picture to read our review


Smoke tubes

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amaz'n tube smokerSmoke tubes to produce more smoke are staring to become very popular since more people start seeing the easy to use pellet smokers of brands like Traeger and Rec Tec. Here we review the smoke tubes from brand like Amazen and other ones we could find.
Click here for our smoke tube reviews


Thermometer reviews

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digital meat thermometerGrilling and smoking is all about using the right temperature to achieve the results we are looking for. Nothing is more disappointing and makes us want to quit grilling than under or over cooked meat.
With the right digital meat and or probe thermometer we can make sure that at-least the temperature in our grill, smoker and meat is right and we don’t have to guess what we are doing and hoping for the best.
We review all kind of digital thermometers in the thermometer reviews section.



Grill Brush Reviews

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weber 6494 grill brushIf there is any grill accessory we should think about before run to the store and buy one it will be a Grill brush.
Buying the wrong grill brush can cause some hard work cleaning our grill.
Spend a little time reviewing them and you will find out that cleaning grill grates does not have to be that hard.
Have a look at the 6 top sellers we reviewed by clicking on the link below.
We review Grill Brushes in the Grill Brush Reviews section.

Electric charcoal starters

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electric charcoal startersMore and more people do not like to use chemical charcoal starter blocks anymore. An Electric charcoal starter is one of the easiest ways to start you grill. You can read all our Electric charcoal starter review here.




Best cooking knifes

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best paring boning an meatslcing knivesFor any cook it is important to have a good pair of knifes. We have a budget, but if I can recommend one thing than it will be to get some quality knifes. I made the mistake myself no to buy good knifes and regretted it every day.
We have reviewed some of knifes we think you need to improve your overall cooking. In the kitchen or on the grill.
Have a look at our best cooking knifes selection.


Grilling tool sets

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grill tool set reviewsTo get some result you will need tools to help you. Instead of buying all your tools like spatulas, grill forks and tongs separate it can save a lot of money to buy a grill tool set that contains everything you need.
There are some great quality tool sets we review here for you. Have a look at it and see if this is something for you. Grill tool set reviews review here.


Grill lights

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grill lightsA grill light can make your life a lot easier when grilling in the dark or keeping you eye on your smoker after dark.
It is also a lot safer than trying to get it done in the dark.
We have reviewed the top grill lights for your to pick from.
Grill light reviews.


Grill and bbq gloves

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best silicone grill gloveWe all had that experience that we wished we had a heat resistance glove to help us while we were grilling.
Either to pick up the grate to add more charcoal or just to get a hold of that hot pan on the side burner.
There are many high quality grill and bbq gloves available and we reviewed the ones we think are in the top for performance and durability.
Grill and bbq glove reviews.



Meat and marinade injectors

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marinade injector reviewUsing a meat injector or marinade injector can make your meat a lot better and keep it juicier.
There a high quality injectors that will give the best result and we reviewed the ones we think are top of the line here.
Most are stainless steel and will last for years and years.
Meat and marinade injector reviews.


Pizza Stones

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KettlePizza DeLuxe USAA Pizza stone is a grill accessory that more and more people discover as nice way to cook a pizza on the grill. Although they work in my opinion the best on a kettle grill, they can also be used on any grill with a lid.
We have a look at the Pizza stones with the best customer ratings to avoid bad results.
Click on the link her to see our Pizza stone reviews Pizza stone reviews.




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kettlepizza in actionThere are several ways to cook a pizza on a kettle grill, but we found one of the best ones to be the KettlePizza kit. The price is a little high, but so are the customer reviews. It comes in 18.5 and 22.5 inches diameter to fit most kettle grills like the ones from Weber.
Click on the link here to see our PizzaKettle review.



Char Broil grill rotisserie

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char broil electric rotisserieThe Char Broil electric rotisserie can cook you some finger-licking poultry and other meat without pampering your grill all the time.
We did the review and the results and opinions are a little mixed about this grill accessorie.
You can read the whole review here. Char Broil electric rotisserie review



Patio Grill Tables

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suncast grill prep table
A prep table or a table to put your grill on is almost a must have item on your patio or deck.
We have reviewed the highest rated patio grill tables that got high ratings and lots of storage space
You can read the whole review here. Outdoor patio grill and prep table review






Wood chips for smoking meat

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wood chips for smoking meatWood chips and chunks are an important part for grilling and smoking. it is not hardware but still an accessory in my opinion.
You can read all the Wood chips for smoking meat here in this post.

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