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Before I start writing about this subject I have to be honest and tell you that I received a few of the products from the Grillight Company to review. I told them upfront that I would write an unbiased review like I always do.

I don’t know about you but it happened many times that I cooked on the grill and it was dark before I was done with cooking.

I have installed lights above my grill area now and also have grill lights on some of the handles of my grill.

This is not the cheapest investment. Especially when you have to install electricity first like I had to.

A very nice and more affordable option is the use of grill utensils with a built-in flashlight.

Here are the products I have used (and still use)

spatula with light

Spatula for fish

You can have a look at all the Grillight products on Amazon by Clicking Here!

My opinion about the grill light company products

I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of all these products. The spatulas are made out of 1 piece and not welded or bolded together. This makes them pretty sturdy.

The tongs are of better quality then I use now and received a permanent spot in my grill toolbox.

They hold the meat very nicely and are strong enough to have a lot of pressure on them.

I have not
used the flexible skewers yet, mainly because I have not made any type of
Kebabs yet. But I am sure that they will work great since they are made from
stainless steel.

The built-in flashlight is attached in a way that it is not in your way and the light is pointed exactly where you need the light.

The button is easy to use and not in the way at all.

Replacement lights are available if you ever need one. I doubt this because they look pretty strong to me.

Besides the few items I wrote about here, the website also offers other products. From spatula and tongs to shredder claws and a grill mat. If the are the same qualiy I think I can recommend them as a good buy.

All these products make great presents for any type of backyard griller that likes to grill after dark and should be part of the best grill tool set for the grill.

You can visit the grill light website here on and order online or look at their store locator that will help you find a store nearby.

Happy Grilling!

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