Grill Brush Reviews

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grill brush reviews

We spend most of the time quite a bit of money on a nice grill and sometimes forget that we have to maintain it also. The use of a quality grill brush can make cleaning the grill grates a lot easier.
Let’s be honest we all like to grill but cleaning is most of the time not our favorite thing to do. With a good grill brush, this can be done a lot faster.

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Weber 6494 12″ 3-sided-grill brush review

Better Grills Rating: 4.5

Customer Reviews

“Bought this for our infrared grill, this brush makes clean up a breeze and it is extremely heavy duty as you would expect, so far the Weber line of BBQ cooking tools has been the best, we also purchased a 3-Piece tool set also by Weber…both are amazing….”

“Effective on all charred-on grease. It will give good life relative to the fact that no grill brush can last forever. It will wear on the corners first as this section of the bristles is what you use to clean in-between grate openings….(read more here: Weber 6494 grill brush Review)”

weber 6494 grill brush

Weber is known for its quality and this 6494 grill brush is no exception. With an average rating of 4.5 from 475 buyers and the only bad thing I could find was that was not to use on porcelain grill grates.
According to one buyer, it damaged his grates.
The bristles seem to shed a little after heavy use, but I think most grill brushes do that.
Altogether a good product for a reasonable price.

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Grill brush 18 inch review

Better Grills Rating: 4.8

This one is perfect to use for cleaning porcelain-coated grill grats as I mention in my cleaning a pellet grill article.

Customer Reviews

“I LOVE this BBQ brush! The design makes it easy to use, and easy to scrub, if necessary. Whether the grill is hot or cold, this brush works like a charm. Hands down, this is the best BBQ accessory that I own. Don’t debate any further… BUY IT! You won’t be sorry.
It would also make a great gift for that BBQ’n person on your Christmas list!! :)…”

“This is the perfect brush for cleaning my grill, better than I even thought it would be. It works much, much better than the flat grill brush that I had before (and used for way too many years) and I appreciated the instructions for using and cleaning the brush along with the good little grilling recipe book sent right after I purchased it….(read more here: Grill brush 18 inch Review)”

grill brush 18 inch heavy duty

I could not find a brand name for this grill brush, but with almost 350 buyers and a rating of 4.8, I am not too concerned about that. This grill brush claims to be safe for porcelain grill grates. The stiff bristles will do a good job and will last a long time.
This grill brush, although no brand, got some great reviews and we can only recommend it highly.

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RuberMaid G100-12 bbq grill brush review

Better Grills Rating: 3.7

Customer Reviews

“Bought this to use with my new grill and so far scrubs great, not sure what more I can really say about a scrub brush. One thing I like so far is it has not damaged the ceramic coating on the grill plates and I scrub them hard after every use. Fits comfortably in my hand.
The one downside is the end of it where you ‘hang’ it on something, the handle is too thick for the small cutout it has making it impossible to hang it on the hook my grill has for that. Other than that a solid brush….

“It’s a grill brush. At the time of ordering, I felt it was the best value. I was just looking for the cheapest I could find an amazon. But I’m sure that changes all the time. At the time I purchased this it was the cheapest. I’ve had it since the end of last summer. Held up well. I’ll probably get a new one next summer. I just personally like to replace these brushes every year or so…(read more here: RuberMaid G100-12 Review)”

rubbermaid G100 grill brush

Nice grill brush for a low price. Bristles come off fast and the shorter handle seems to be a little annoying.
Fits good in the corners and cracks of the grill.
Although it only receives a 3.7-star rating, most buyers like it.
Not really a brush that will last for years and years. If you are not a heavy griller, this grill brush is good by.
If you grill a lot I suggest looking at the other review for a grill brush that will last a little longer.

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Brass grill brush 18″ oak handle review

Better Grills Rating: 4.6

Customer Reviews

“I don’t know why these brushes are so hard to find, but in searching for a copper wire brush with soft bristles, neither Home Depot or lowes carries these. If I ised the brush they sold, I would loose the finish on my grill in one season. This one is well made, has a sturdy handle which is wooden, and is just perfect for getting between the grill times to get at buildup that is inevitable when grilling. I grill year round in Md and this is a must have. Delivery was quick and the vendor went the extra mile to check I recieved the brush. Great product, would highly recommend as a must have accessory for any porcelain coated grill. ..

“Overall, the brush did a very nice job. It is very sturdy. The thickness of the wire and bristles seem like they will last a long time. The wooden handle is a good length and again seems very sturdy. The only negative I found was that the wooden handle is very smooth and when you are pushing the brush, the handle is really slick and I had to put my palm at the base of the handle in order to get a good push and leverage on the brush. The length of the bristles did a nice job of getting down into the grate and cleaning the sides as well as the top….(read more here: Brass grill brush 18″ Review)”

brass grill brush 18 inch

Brass bristles have for a long time been the best for grill brushes. Many manufacturers changed to steel bristles, so if you are looking for a quality brass grill brush this is a great deal.
With an average of 4.6 stars from over 380 buyers, we can recommend this as a good buy.
Remember however that brass is a lot softer and you can not put as much pressure on it. If your grill is real dirty use a cheap metal brush first and finish with this brass wired grill brush.

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Industrial Grade grill brush review

Better Grills Rating: 4.5

Customer Reviews

“Hubby wanted a new grill brush but had some requirements: brass bristles, sturdy long handle, and most important: MADE IN USA! He got this on Fathers’ Day and has used it a half dozen times already and pronounces it A-1! He says “it’s a worthy replacement to the ‘old school’ brush” that finally gave up the ghost. That brush lasted about 18-20 years, and we’re hoping for the same from this one! Thanks for a great product, reasonable price and for providing jobs for Americans! ..

“It is wonderful to be able to brush off my grill without burning the hairs off my forearms. The long handle is a godsend. I have used the brush for several months now and have not had any of the bristle loosening/fallout that I’d typically see with other brushes by this point. Great brush…(read more here: Industrial Grade grill brush Review)”

industrial grade grill brush

This is a made-in-America product and received a 4.5 rating from 240 buyers.
As always there are people who are not happy and this is what I found from a few more negative ratings.
The bristles are shorter than expected. There is no lanyard to hang on the grill.
Other than that there were no complaints about this brush.
Think this is a good buy for the more heavy griller that needs a little more sturdy grill brush.

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Grill Daddy GD 12951 pro grill brush review

Better Grills Rating: 4.2

Customer Reviews

“I was looking for a replacement brush from my old Weber wood/brass brush and since this was the top selling unit on Amazon I decided to give this a try.
And wow how much better this brush works. It takes far less effort than my old wood/brass brush because of the steam generated and the leverage for the angle design.
So why 4 stars.
It is big and made of cheap plastic, so storing is somewhat problematic as it too big for a kitchen drawer and too ugly to hang.
I do think it is a great gift idea for anyone that grills because it works so well.
Hint: Because this product is basically a steam cleaner, I find the best time to use this product is after I cook as it helps cool down the grill. …(read more here: Grill Daddy GD 12951 Review)”

grill daddy gd12951

This grill brush works like a miniature steam cleaner when used as directed. Use only on a hot grill. Fill the handle with water and use it on a hot grill. The steam will help clean on and in the grill grates easier.
One of the best things is that it will keep the bristles cleaner because of the steam.
There are replacement bristles for a couple of dollars at Amazon. Click here to find them

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Tips from users

One of the most important tips we could find is to be very careful when you have porcelain-coated grill grates.
the use of a grill brush with stiff steel bristles can damage the coating on the grates. The use a brass grill brush is advised.
Don’t spend a lot of money if you are just using your grill once in a while. Any cheaper grill brush will do good than.
Buy a quality one if you are a heavy griller that does need to do a lot of cleaning of the grill grates.

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