Crosshatch grill marks

How To Get Perfect CrossHatch Grill Marks

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Crosshatch grill marksMany people wonder how in a restaurant they are able to make them perfect crosshatch grill marks on the steak or on any other meat they serve.

It is not as hard as most people think it is and I will try to explain it here as well as I can to explain hows to get perfect crosshatch grill marks. Just to make sure I added 2 videos from Chefs who are showing it on the grill and maybe make it more clear then I do.

A steak comes most of the time with a nice price tag and therefore most people are scared that they will burn it and ruin a good steak.
If you follow the tips in this article you will never have to worry about that anymore.

You make your grill marks first and then you finish cooking your steak or any other kind of meat.
When the grill marks are done your meat if probably still pretty much raw on the inside.
Here are the steps you take to prepare a great steak with perfect crosshatch grill marks.

Set up your grill with 2 temperature zones (read here how o do that or if you can not do that heat it up to high temperature.
Prepare your meat the way you are used and in the meantime wait till the grill is hot.
Make sure that the grill grate is clean and use some olive oil on it before you start.

Here comes the trick of making the perfect grill marks

  • We all know how a clock looks. Place your meat on 10 o”clock on the grate and leave it there till the marks are done
  • Now place it in a 90-degree angle on the 2 o’clock and until the marks are done.

What most people will do now is repeat it on the other side.
I think differently about that. You or your guests will never see the other side, so why bother !!
However, if your grill or hatch marks did not turn out the way you would like to see them here is your second chance.!! Just remember that the total grill time now has to be shorter because you cooked on the side already.

Now move the steak to the cooler side of the grill or take it of the grill and turn the grill down to cool it off and cook if you do not have a cooler side to steak to the doneness you like to eat or serve it.

Here are two videos that show how to chef’s explain how to make the perfect crosshatch grill marks on a steak.

The first video is from Omaha Steaks

This one is from the premier culinary college.

I hope I made it a little clear how easy it actually is to make nice crosshatch grill marks on most pieces of meat by taking it step by step.

Make your grill marks first and then finish cooking your meat that is the whole trick to it.

Now I can someone say “okay but how do I do this on a hamburger. That is a round piece of meat”
Well, it is not so hard. After you made your first grill mark pick up your meat as if it is at 10 o’clock and turn it to 2 o’clock by keeping your tongs in that angle as they show in both videos.
Also, remember that no one will check the angles so they do not have to be that perfect.

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If you have another way of making perfect crosshatch grill marks just add it to the comment section or contact me and I will add it to this article.

Happy grilling.

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