Flat Top Grill Reviews

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flat top grill reviews
Flat top grills can be divided into two main categories. Outdoor and indoor.
Indoor is most of the time electric and the outdoors propane gas powered.
I read in the outdoor grill reviews I did that some people use them as an addition to their outdoor grills to have more options to cook food.

In the future, I will add more brands but for now, I will have a look at what I think are the 3 best flat top grill brands.

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1. Blackstone
2. Royal Gourmet
3. Camp Chef

Blackstone flat grill

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When I say that the Blackstone griddle for outdoors is the best sellers. I can back that up with facts. Because they have the highest number of buyers and some great ratings.

They have a selection of indoor and outdoor flat-top grills to meat about everyone’s needs. For now, we look at their best selling outdoor models.

Blackstone griddle 28

With a surface of 470 inches, this is a nice flat top grill for home and camping.
Two burners and 30.000 BTU creates two heating zones to be used for hot and cooler like a professional restaurant grill.

The electric ignition and build in grease trap make using and cleaning very easy.

The 2 wheels make moving it very easy and I like the fact that you can hang the propane tank on the side on a hook.

Blackstone griddle 36

blackstone 35 inch flat grill
There is a newer version for this 36-inch grill but it is just some new shelves as far as I can figure.
The difference with the 28-inch version is of-course a larger grill area of 720 square inches and the four burners.

This will give you four heat zones instead of the two on the 28″ version.
With prices, I fond that are about 80 dollars higher compared to the 28″ I would personally go for the bigger one if I was in the race for a flat grill.

Royal Gourmet flat grill

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Although Royal Gourmet is maybe not one of the most known brands in flat grills (I had not heard of it too much), I was surprised by the nice customer ratings I found.

There are two versions available a two-burner version and a 4 burner.
Both Royal Gourmet flat grills come with:

  • stainless steel burners
  • 4 caster wheels
  • Side tables
  • Grease collector

Royal Gourmet 2 burner

royal gourmet 22 inch flat grill
The two burners give you the option to work with two heat zones.
Each burner is 13.000 BTU and is made of stainless steel.

The surface is 22.8 x 19.7 inches and this totals to 449 square inches.
The two side tables give you a lot of room to work with.

Royal Gourmet 4 burner

royal gourmet 4 burner griddle
This 33.5 inches wide flat top grill comes with 4 burners to give you more options than the 2 burner version.

All burners are stainless steel and also 13.000 BTU. The total cooking space is 660 square inches.

The folding table is basically the same as the smaller 2 burners.

Camp Chef flat grill

I know this brand from the Camp Chef pellet grills I reviewed and like the quality of the brand.
It seems to be a trend to have a two-burner and 4 burner model. The Camp Chef is no exception, but also has a three burner available that has a separate burner next to it. You can find it here

For now, I focus on the two and four-burner versions like the other two brands.

Camp Chef 2 burner griddle

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The two-burner can not be compared to the other brands.
This is a fold-able and portable flat grill with a total weight of almost 49 pounds.
it basically is a grill and with the optional reversible grill and griddle plates, you can turn it into a small flat op grill.

I would almost like to call this a camp stove instead of a flat grill, but since it can be used that way I added it to this flat grill review page.

Camp Chef 4 burner griddle

camp chef 4 burner griddle
This 20.5 x 31 inch large FTG600 grill comes with many features.
The grill surface had grates that can be changed from griddle to grill.

I just could not figure out why the griddle surface is 604 square inches and the grill surface only 501 square inches.

Four 12.000 BTU burners give you a lot of room to play with.

The side tables can be folded down for storage and when you have to move it with the two wheels.

What is the best flat top grill?

That question is just as hard to answer as what is the best car.
It all depends on your type of cooking.
If you like a lot of options a four-burner with a surface that can be changed out for a regular grill like the four-burner Camp Chef is a great choice.
If you just need a smaller flat grill for camping or RV’ing all the two burners in this post are fine. You can also have a look at the Rec Tec Matador for a smaller version portable flat top grill with two zones.

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