Expert Grill Reviews

Food on an Expert grills

The reason I am doing the Expert grill reviews is that I had never heard of them and recently found them in a few articles I was reading.

I was surprised by the nice ratings I found and as you know I only review a product that has a decent rating.

What grills do Expert grills offer

At first, I thought this was one of the knock-off brands that sell just a few models but when I started digging deeper I found that they sell a lot of models.

  • Charcoal
  • Gas
  • Portable
  • Tabletop

Are you in a hurry? Click on the link to go to WalMart and see all the Expert grills they have.

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I looked at some of the charcoal models and compared them to brands like char-griller and Royal Gourmet that are in the same price range and they came out pretty good.

They scored a higher rating than these other brands and you can have a look at all the Expert grill charcoal models here.

I just don’t understand why the charcoal models are sold on Amazon and the gas models only at Walmart


Like I mentioned above the Expert gas grills are only sold at Walmart and you can order them online and pick them up at the store or maybe even have them shipped to your home.

Personally, I have a little problem with the customer ratings on the Walmart website. It seems to me they only publish the higher ratings.


Although tabletop grills from Expert grills are most of the time also propane gas-powered I still thought it would be useful to mention them separately here.

Tabletop grills are most of the time smaller and also very portable and that makes them so popular in my opinion.


What surprised me is that there are many Expert grill parts available and I like that idea. It means that they take their brand serious and not just like to sell so-called cheap throw away grills.

My opinion about Expert grills.

After reading a lot of the comments, ratings, and reviews on several sites I can only say that the Expert grills are a nice affordable way of starting with grilling.

I even read that the 24″ charcoal grill could be a competitor of the Weber kettle grill. I will try to find out more about that and link it to my findings here.

Expert grills are a Walmart brand, but some of them are also available on Amazon. I think Amazon might be easier to use with shipping, but that is a personal choice.

Let me know what you think of the Exper Grills if you have one or have used one.

You can see all the Expert grills on the Walmart website by clicking on the link below.

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Eddie van Aken