Delonghi BGR50 Reversible Grill and Griddle Review

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Rating: 4.4 Reviewed by Eddie

Delonghi BGR50 Reversible Grill and GriddleThe Delonghi BGR50 with the reversible grill plates is a pretty good little indoor electric grill and can be used for meats, fish, vegetables, and breakfast cooking. The 1500 watt gives enough power to heat it up for searing a steak.

Grill surface and temperature

The grill surface is one of the most important things to know when you thinking of buying an indoor electric grill of course. Room in a kitchen is always something you have to fight with.

The grill surface dimensions are 14.9 x 9.4 inches and this provides a grill surface of around 140 square inches. With the rule of thumb that you need about 70 square inches per person, this means enough space to grill for 2 people including their vegetables and meats.

Of course, for just meat, you can cook a lot more and this is probably where most people use an indoor grill for. It will easily fit 4 or 5 hamburgers at the same time. Cooking meat and veggies at the same time are only for 2 people, however.

The temperature is the second thing you should look at and according to the specifications, the Delonghi BGR50 can be adjusted between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a warm hold function to keep your food warm while you do some other things.
We have found a table that showed the temperatures someone measured for each of the settings in Fahrenheit.

  • Warm 195-215
  • Low 205-225
  • Med 240-280
  • High 300-250
  • Sear 400-470


Cleaning is something most of us are not too crazy about, that is why it is important to have a good look at that. The unit is dishwasher safe without the cord and the attached temperature thermostat of course.
Even though it is dishwasher safe I have read several times that the detergent in combination with the water in a dishwasher can damage the anti-stick coating on the griddles. This can be a health hazard since Teflon is related to that.

Hand washing is very easy to do and does not involve a lot of elbow grease. Make sure to dry the socket where the control unit plugs in. Water in that hole can cause problems and make your breaker trip.


Overall dimensions are: 13 x 20 x 4 inches
Grill surface is 9.25 x 14.75 inches. Total around 140 square inches.
Weight is 9.2 pounds


The element is 1500 watts and this is comparable to other indoor grills in this size. Enough power for this grill.

The two drain holes in the griddle that are slightly tilted make the grease run of good

Temperature setting is not with temperature but with low, medium, high and sear. The related temperatures we have mentioned earlier are Warm 195-215, Low 205-225, Med 240-280, High 300-250, and Sear 400-470 degrees Fahrenheit.

Searing requires the unit to heat up a little longer. The thermostat is measuring the heating element and not the grill surface. Let is cycle on and of a few time to give the grill plate time to heat up to the maximum temperature for searing,

The drip tray is just as large as the whole unit and even with cooking bacon, there is no problem of overflowing. Few users mentioned that it is not easy to remove.

The two sides of the plates are ribbed and flat.
The ribbed side is perfect for meat, vegetables, and fish and the flat side is great for eggs, bacon, omelets, and sandwiches.
Both plates are made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum and have an embedded heating element.

Pros and cons


  • Cool touch handle
  • Even heat distribution
  • Low for easy storage.
  • Rubber non slip feet


  • Small grill surface.
  • Drip pan not easy to remove

Customer ratings for the Delonghi BGR50

After reading all the opinions on several sites and a few cooking forums I think that the overall rating for the Delonghi BGR50 is somewhat low and we would give it a little higher rating as you can see at the top of our review. The reason is that many people are very happy with this grill and use it almost every day and some of them for a long period of time with no problems.

Price of the Delonghi BGR 50

The price of the Delonghi BG50 with the reversible griddles is very much comparable to other indoor grills with the same features.

Overall it can be considered a good quality grill that does what it has to do.
I found quite a few mentions about the searing temperature being very good, and the steak came out very well cooked.

Cleaning gave as always a little more mixed opinions but overall it is very easy to clean and you just have to be careful with using the dishwasher and dry it very well.

The non-stick in combination with the die-cast aluminum holds out very well. Remember that it is advised not to use metal utensils on this surface to avoid damaging the coating since this is related to health issues.

This indoor electric grill is perfect for smaller families or if you only use it for burgers, hotdogs, and that kind of grilling for a larger family. It is easy to store through is a smaller size.

Overall we can recommend this Delonghi BGR50 Reversible grill and griddle as a good buy


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