The Crowd Cow Story

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plate with raw meat and herbs.

The story behind the crowd cow company started in 2015 when Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzeberg founded this company. There are several stories about the exact why this happened.

One is that Ethan bought a steak and was wondering where it can from. Talking to his friend Joe he found that many friends bought meat from local farms.

Being entrepreneurs, they decided to find a better way of doing that and that was the start of “crowdfunding a cow”.

If you like to read more on how that works you can read my full Crowd Cow review on its separate page by clicking on the link.

This allowed everyone to buy a part of a cow and when the whole cow was sold it was slaughtered and delivered.

Now it is all streamlined through their website and that makes it very easy to use for their customers.

Their mission statement is to allow everyone to discover and enjoy the very best beef from small, independent ranchers and to make this convenient and fun.

Their latest adventure is to start local crowd cow stores in larger cities to bring the meat closer to the customers.

Crowd Cow Packaging

Since the year 2019, the packaging of their meat has changed from Styrofoam coolers to biodegradable green cell foam insulation.

This shows that they care about the environment.

According to the website, this material is not just recyclable but even compost-able and water-soluble. You can even use it in the barbecue or in your fire pit.

I have read several customer reviews that mentioned that the meat was still solid frozen when it arrived.

The packaging seems to be of such well-insulated material that I could not find any problems with that.

More about Crowd Cow

Although the word cow in their company name might sound as if they only sell beef this is not true.

Starting out that was their main product, but now they sell a lot more than beef.

Heritage pork, naturally raised chicken and turkey and even wild-caught Salmon can be ordered on the Crowd Cow website.

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