Crowd Cow Review

Rating: 4.8 Reviewed by Eddie
Crowd Cow review

Ordering meat online is becoming popular rapidly. This was a reason for me to do a Crowd Cow review and see how this will affect how we grill meat with this, in my opinion, high-quality meat.

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1. What is Crowd Cow
2. How it works
3. The Crowd Cow difference
4. Crowd Cow Products
5. Crowd Cow subscription
6. Prices
7. Shipping
8. Crowd Cow Story
9. Summary and my opinion
10. Pros & Cons

What is Crowd Cow

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Before I can even begin at the crowd cow review it is maybe a good idea to dig a little in what crowd cow is.

Basically, it is a meat delivery service that offers fresh meat from several farms ranging from beef, pork, chicken, Turkey, salmon, and the famous Wagyu beef.

Their approach makes it possible for every customer to view where their meat is coming from, how it was raised and on which farm. This means you know exactly what they are buying.

When people order meat the cow does not get slaughtered until the whole cow is sold. This will ensure your meat to be as fresh as possible.

The crowd cow people meet with many ranch owners and take a tour on their property. In this way, they get to know more about their background and how they treat the animals on their farms.

Crowd Cow provides you with all the information about every farm that the Crowd Cow company works with and after reading a few I can tell you that they provide plenty of information.

Ready to have a look at the Crowd Cow Website?

Click Here To Go The Crow Cow Store!

How Crowd Cow Works

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The Crowd Cow people handpick farmers that applied for the crowd cow program and place their meat on the website.

The difference between crowd cow and other online meat stores it that you do not have to buy a huge amount, but can order just what you need.

Crowd cow sells one cow or pig at the time and as a customer, you can claim part of that cow or pig and that can be as small as one pound.

Once the whole cow is sold it gets slaughtered and shipped. This will prevent the meat from being stored and frozen for a longer time.

Ordering is very simple and the steps are:

  • Go to their website
  • See what is available
  • Choose what you like
  • Place your order

After this, you will get updates on when your meat will be delivered.

I mentioned that the cow or pig only will get slaughtered once the whole cow I sold.

This does, however, not mean that you have to wait a long time for your meat to be delivered. Because of the high number of customers, there is no long waiting time. Most of the time your order get shipped that same week.

If you do not like to order over and over again you can also choose from monthly subscriptions. There are 6 monthly subscription options:

  • Farmers market
  • Farmers market reserve
  • Ground beef share
  • Lean protein
  • Japanese Wagyu
  • Steak lovers

I will tell more about these 6 Crow Cow subscription packages later in the product’s part of this crowd cow review.

The Crowd Cow Difference

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Like I mentioned above is that this service is coming as close as possible to order fresh meat straight from the source.

Meat sold at regular stores can be slaughtered weeks ago and maybe even in a foreign country. It also can pass through many hands before ending in your local store.

Crowd Cow is the shortest and fastest path from farm to your freezer. In addition, you do not have to fill your whole freeze at once like with many other services.

Crowd Cow Products

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I could just give you a list of all the meat you can order from crowd cow but I like to dig a little deeper and write a little about every sort of meat.


crowd cow beef

Beef is not just the same from every cow. There is grass-fed beef and there is grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

Being grass-fed is how every cow starts out. After several months they can keep eating grass till they are ready to be slaughtered or they can be finished with grain and corn from local sources.

There are all kind of discussion going on -on and -offline about the pros and cons of bought and you have to decide on this one yourself.

Crow cow offers both kinds of meats. Their grain finished meats contain in most cases no growth hormones or antibiotics.

See All The Beef Here!

Heritage Pork

heritage pork from crowd cow

Heritage pasture-raised pork comes from pigs that live like before we had factory farms.

They roam outside in the fields and forest and are not confined in a small indoor space.

Although this way of farming is very labor-intensive it will produce meat that is so much tastier and generally, it contains more vitamin D and contains also more monounsaturated fats thank the fact that the pigs live outdoor and live a happier life.

See All The Pork Here!


Pasture raised chicken from Crowd Cow

Nowadays it is called free-range, local, cage-free, pasture-raised, bio-dynamic and a lot more, but not that long ago it was just called chicken.

Let’s be honest, a chicken should live outside on the grass and walk in the sun and fresh air to roam for his food and not be caged and stuffed with hormones and antibiotics.

Here are some facts about pasture-raised chicken compared to conventionally raised chicken.

  • 21% less fat
  • 30% less saturated fat
  • 50% More vitamin A
  • 3 times more omega-3

This should already be reason enough to switch to pasture-raised chicken.

See All The Chicken Here!


Crowd Cow turkey

I bet that once you have tasted a well-cooked naturally raised turkey as I did, you will never eat one of the store-bought frozen turkeys.

Pasture-raised turkey roams the field and not locked away. This will result in a meat quality that is so much better. The meat contains a higher Omega-3 fatty acid count and leaner meat.

The “normal” process of getting a turkey to your local store is using chlorine and other chemicals in the slaughter process to keep it bacteria-free.

The crowd cow selected farms use only water. This is more time consuming but the result is a chemical-free turkey.

This in combination with roaming outdoors and eating bugs and non-GMO food will guarantee a healthy tasting, chemical-free turkey.

See All The Turkey Here!


crowd cow seafood

The available seafood in the crowd cow store all come from Alaska.

The reason is that nature there is still pretty much the way it was hundreds of years ago. The Salmon and Halibut are all wild-caught and not farm-raised as you see in many stores.

Farm-raised mean that they either are held in a pond or in a big net out in the ocean and are fed pellets comparable to the ones you use in a fish tank at home. Not the natural way they find their food in the wild.

When you order your salmon you can add a cedar plank to grill the fish to perfection.

Click Here To See All Seafood!

Crow Cow Subscription

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Crowd cow subscription

Like I wrote in the intro crowd cow is now offering a subscription service on their website.

This means that you don’t have to pick you order yourself but you can choose from multiple offers that will be shipped to your door.

In general, you can choose your subscription meat package to be delivered to your door on several time schedules. All depending on your need. The times are:

  • Monthly
  • Every 6 weeks
  • Every 8 weeks
  • Every 12 weeks

The packages that are available at the moment of my writing this crowd cow review are.

Ground beef. No meat package should come without ground beef. This 12 Lbs. package is so versatile to use and can be used in so many dishes. The ground beef in this package contains only 17 – 20% fat. This package also has the option to order just grass-fed or grass-finished.

Steak Lovers. Like the name already gives away this package is loaded with steaks. These are the hand-cut steaks that everybody loves to eat. There is a variety of cuts of steaks in this package.

Farmers market. This comes with a variety of pasture-raised beef, pork, and chicken, Meaning that you will always have a variety of meat in your freezer.

Farmers market reserve. This package contains premium cuts of beef, pork, chicken and a handpicked item with every delivery.

Lean protein. Eating right does not have to be without good tasting meat. The cuts in this package are all low in saturated fat and high in Omega-3 fats.

Japanese Wagyu. This meat comes from the leading Wagyu farms in Japan. You can now enjoy the Kagoshima A5 that is served by many chefs in a restaurant with Michelin stars. An example of a package is 14 Oz a5 Wagyu Ribeye and an 11 Oz Wagyu strip-loin steak.

You Can Find All The Subscription Options Here!

Crowd Cow Meat Prices

Without updating this section almost on a daily basis it is impossible to give you the current crowd cow prices.

At the moment of my writing the price for twelve 1 lbs. packs of grass-fed beef are 99 dollars. That comes down to a little over $7 per pound. In my opinion no too bad for such high-quality meat.

Pasture-raised chicken is $20 for a 3 lbs. chicken. This is a little under $7 per pound.

Boneless and bone-in pork chops are about 18 dollars per pound.

Crowd Cow shipping and cost

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I had a hard time finding the shipping cost but found that orders over $99 and the subscription packages have free shipping. The cost for the standard ordering starts at $12, 99 and is depending on the location.

The crowd cow service is only available throughout the main USA continent. The offer no shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

After your order is placed you will receive an email or text message with an estimated date of delivery. This makes it easy to track your order. For delivery, you do not have to be home and there is no signature required.

Crowd Cow Coupons

Let’s be honest, we all like a discount. Unfortunately, there is only one discount I could find for ordering high-quality meat on crowd cow.

There is a $25 off on your first order.

It is however also so that when you have ordered an individual or package you will receive emails with crowd cow deals directly in your inbox.

Crowd Cow Packaging

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Since the year 2019, the packaging of crowd cow has changed from Styrofoam coolers to biodegradable green cell foam insulation.

According to the website, this material is not just recyclable but even compost-able and water-soluble. You can even use it in the barbecue or in your fire pit.

I have read several customer reviews that mentioned that the meat was still solid frozen when it arrived.

The packaging seems to be of such well-insulated material that I could not find any problems with that.

Click Here To Go To The Crowd Cow Store!

Crowd Cow Story

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The story behind the crowd cow company started in 2015 when Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzeberg founded this company. There are several stories about the exact why this happened.

One is that Ethan bought a steak and was wondering where it can from. Talking to his friend Joe he found that many friends bought meat from local farms.

Being entrepreneurs, they decided to find a better way of doing that and that was the start of “crowdfunding a cow”.

This allowed everyone to buy a part of a cow and when the whole cow was sold it was slaughtered and delivered.

Now it is all streamlined through the crowd cow website and that makes it very easy to use for their customers.

Their mission statement is to allow everyone to discover and enjoy the very best beef from small, independent ranchers and to make this convenient and fun.

Their latest adventure is to start local crowd cow stores in large cities to bring the meat closer to the customers.

Summary and my opinion

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I have reviewed a few meat delivery stores here on Better Grills and think that the Crowd cow stands out because of the fact that they are no farmers but just the middle man between farm and consumer.

This enables them to look for the best farms and quality to display in their online store and not just meat from one particular farm.

If you have a look at the meat in your local store you can ask you a few questions like, where doe this meat come from, when was the animal slaughtered, what did it ate during its life. Is this meat healthy? And many more questions.

Crowd cow takes all these questions out of your online ordering. For each piece of meat or fish, you can see where it is coming from and read the story behind the farm where it was raised.

In my opinion that is something, we lost years ago when we stopped buying from local farms and local butcher stores and crowd cow brings that option back.

I am not a total health freak but like to eat healthily and the choice of grass-fed and finished beef and pork is one to the things I do as much as I can.

The prices are higher and to be totally honest sometimes a lot higher, but at least you know what you eat and what you pay for. That is something you don’t know in other stores.

There is also the advantage of ordering online and not having to go to the store and this is a time saver that we all can use.

Crowd Cow Pros and Cons

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Every product or program has his Pros and Cons and the Crowd Cow program is no exception to this rule.

I have to be honest and mention that I found more pros than I was expecting to find.


  • One Cow at a time is slaughtered
  • High Quality Meat
  • 100+ cuts of meat available
  • 6 subscription plans
  • Hormone, GMO and antibiotics free

  • No free shipping
  • Prices?

Click Here! To Check Out The Crowd Cow Store!

I hope you enjoyed my crowd cow review and found value in it. If you have used the crowd cow company and like to share it on hour social network or talk about your experience feel free to leave a comment.

I also had a good look at and did a Snake River Farms Review to give you more options to buy from and to compare.

The second one I did was the Farmfoods review and I was surprised by the customer ratings.

I love to eat grilled, smoked meat but like to stay healthy also and that is why I prefer naturally raised meats to serve my family and friends.

Happy Grilling!

Eddie Vandam

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