Coleman Perfectflow 2-Burner Propane Stove Review

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The Coleman PerfectFlow 2 burner propane gas grill and stove have been around for a while and received great comments and reviews. I will let you know how true they are and if this is one of the best small portable camping gas grills.

Grill surface of the Coleman Perfectflow

The amount of space to grill and cook is of course very important. The Coleman PerfectFlow has a 130 sq Inch grill area and the stove part can be used for a pan up to 10 inches.

Grate of the Perfect flow

The grill grate is made of die-cast aluminum and the stove grate is made of nickel-chrome which makes it easy to clean for both of them.

Features of this Coleman camping grill

  • 10.000 BTU
  • Grease management system
  • Optional griddle

Perectflow customer reviews

“Ordered this during the summer but barely used it a month ago when we ran out of propane. I agree with most reviewers that the temperature is hard to gauge using this grill. Make sure you watch chicken for example. Mine overlooked when I used the same cooking time as my large grill. The temperature knob is tricky to adjust to the right flame level. But still it’s a great little grill, it’s easy to clean too!…

“Greatest little table-top grille I’ve ever owned. Portable, easy to use, easy to clean up and store. I bought the adapter hose so I can use it with a large propane tank, rather than those uneconomical small tanks. The side burner is just a nice plus for this very functional grille/stove….(read more here)

price for the Coleman perfect flow

Coleman Perfectflow 2-Burner Propane Stove – My Opinion

Coleman PerfectFlow features a two-in-one design with a grill and stove that allows you to cook as well as grill. What’s more, both can be used simultaneously.

A 10-inch pan can comfortably fit the stove area. So, you can start frying spuds or whatever while the chicken is getting grilled. If you want to grill a whole chicken or a turkey, there’s a whole lot of space to fit in the entire bird.

The top right corner heats up more than the part that’s nearest to you when standing to cook. So, food items are to be placed accordingly.

But since you are cooking outside and may have to face gusts of wind, there is a panel that works as a shield. The Wind Block panel can be folded when not in use.

If all of your cooking doesn’t need the same temperature, place them on different burners that allow you to cook different food items independently.

If you need to stir the food while it is being cooked, the anti-skid feet will prevent any slippage. So, stir fry without worries.

Since this item isn’t for regular usage, one may use it once and forget to clean it scrupulously before taking it back in. That would lead to rust.

To take care of that, an aluminum-based steel cooktop that is durable and rust-resistant has been used.

Cleaning is always a concern with stoves; a removable tray allows easy cleaning and no spillage. Furthermore, one can cover it with aluminum foil for easier cleaning.

The non-stick surface makes it nice too.

The Coleman PerfectFlow provides 20,000 total BTUs of cooking power. It comes with the promise of consistent performance, even in extreme conditions.

This should allow for good cooking performance.

It works on propane and lasts up to two hours when cooking on both burners. The 16.4 oz cylinder is to be bought separately. The hookups are in the cylinder and need to be fitted into. No regulator is required.

PerfectHeat technology promises efficiency with the cooking fuel – more cooking with less fuel. That should be a good thing when cooking outside during camps.

Though not exactly lightweight (approximately ten pounds), it is easy to carry around.
Camping, hunting, a family cookout, and whatever you want to use it for when outdoors, is a perfect occasion to fire up the stove.

Overall I can recommend the Coleman Perfect Flow 2 burner stove as a good buy as a portable gas grill although it has some flaws like any other grill.

Tips from real users

Here are tips from people who have used this grill for a while and these might help you use it easier or better.

Buy the griddle

Pefrect flow griddle

Easy for breakfast cooking. Fits perfectly and gives more options to use the Coleman Perfect Flow portable grill. Click on the picture for the price on Amazon.

Carry bag for your Coleman Perfect flow camping grill

Although you can just carry the stove like it is, a carry bag for it can come in handy and is also great to store the stove in. Makes it easy to carry and prevents it from getting damaged. Many users recommend this carry bag. Click on the picture for the price on Amazon.

Buy some extra gas tanks

It came recommended to buy at least one extra tank with your purchase of the Coleman Perfect flow stove and this makes sense to me. Having a spare gas tank is something we have recommended many times in our grill reviews.

Better safe than sorry. There is not always a store close by to get them and you always run out on an awkward moment.

You can buy one or two-pack spare gas tanks, depending on your needs. The picture will take you to the two-pack because most users recommended that as the best buy. Click on the picture for the price on Amazon.

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