Choice Versus Prime Brisket

Choice Versus Prime Brisket

If you find yourself wondering what is the difference between choice and prime brisket, know that you’re not the only one. And frankly, the two labels can be confusing since they are both famed for their tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. Perhaps there is nothing much to pick apart between “choice” and “prime” briskets, eh?

Let’s find out – shall we?

Before we delve into the details of this article, here is a little overview of what you can expect:

  • What is a choice brisket?
  • What is prime brisket?
  • What is the difference between a choice and prime brisket?
  • Which one of choice or prime brisket is the best?

What Is A Choice Brisket?

Choice brisket is one of the top two labels of tender and juicy kinds of beef around. And like the name, it is a highly-targeted label for lean cuts in groceries and supermarkets.

According to the USDA, The United States Department of Agriculture, choice briskets are high-quality beef with a moderate level of marbling. They contain only a few intramuscular fats – hence, they are lean.

However, despite the leanness of choice briskets, they are better than labels like Select, Cutter, and Utility. As briskets, they are very much tender, flavored, and juicy.

What Is A Prime Brisket?

Like choice, prime briskets are just as tender, flavored, and juicy. Even better, this grade of beef is unarguably the best of all briskets in terms of meat thickness and marbling. How so?

Prime briskets are products of selectivity. In particular, they are the kinds of beef from well-fed and tendered young cattle. As a result, this kind of beef contains fat and meat in the right proportion.

And because of the selectivity of prime briskets, they are a bit rare and already booked. Often, you’d only get them at top restaurants and with seasoned chefs. That’s your clue!

In essence, prime briskets are undeniably the top guns. But, does that mean that is the only label you should get at groceries?

Before we answer that question, let’s see the differences between a choice and prime brisket.

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What Is The Difference Between A Choice & Prime Brisket?


The primary difference between the two briskets is their fat content. While choice tends to be lean because of the moderate intramuscular fats, prime are specifically bred for that purpose. The latter contains enough meat and fats to juice up your taste buds.

In fact, several customers would refer to other classes of briskets outside prime as “rib roast” because of the “lesser marbling content.” Nonetheless, all the meat in the brisket category is tender and juicy. But in terms of marbling, prime stands out!

“Winner: prime briskets”


The clue is already in the scarcity of prime briskets – they are more expensive than “choice” for sure. Perhaps you need more explanation on that; here it goes:

Prime briskets are mostly pre-booked and in high demand because of their quality and meat content. In other words, you’d hardly get these grades at your local stores. Well, unless the owner of that store is your pal. But even then, you’d be in a long queue that doesn’t guarantee that you’d get what you need.

Pro tip: if you’re in urgent need of prime brisket, order Brisket online!

Unlike prime, choice briskets are in abundant supply across stores. And according to the law and demand and supply, the more the availability, the lesser the price.

Now, here is an absurd twist: despite the quality and scarcity of prime briskets, they are only fairly more expensive than choice. Depending on your state, the average difference between the two labels is $1/lb. In other words, you might as well get a prime brisket and enjoy the comfort and taste that comes with it.

“Winner: Choice briskets”

Ease Of Cooking

Ordinarily, the more fat content, the better the cooking. But that is not the case with prime and choice briskets when you’re cooking them. Yes, the marbling adds to the flavor. However, in a situation when you’re smoking your beef, the two labels require just as much attention. Else, you’ll miss out on the taste and appeal of your steak.

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Overall, briskets, either prime or choice, are excellent grades for steaks and BBQ. However, they need a bit of attention to get right.

“Winner: None”

Choice Or Prime Brisket – My Opinion

Spoiler alert: there is no one-fit-all answer. Both choice and prime brisket are excellent choices. But if you have the money, I’d advise you to go for the prime.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, love lean meat, and plan a BBQ for a large crowd, a choice brisket can help you trim down your expenses. So, which one would you choose?

Let’s be honest I rather have a cheaper brisket cooked the right way than an expensive brisket badly cooked.

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Let me hear your opinion on what you prefer. Choice or Prime brisket.

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