Char Griller Akorn Review

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Char Griller Akorn Review

The Char Griller Akorn grill 16620 might not be the most known Kamado grill at this moment, but I predict that it will be popular in the near future.

My Char griller Akorn review will tell you all about this Kamado cooker including accessories. A customer rating of 4.6 should tell us that this is a great Kamado grill.

With its 3 colors to choose from, there must be one that you like or that matches your backyard, patio, or deck.

This is a very affordable Kamado grill compared to other brands.

Grill surface of the Char Griller Akorn

Cooking space is one of the important things to look at when you are looking for any grill.
This Char-Griller comes with a nice 306 square inches cooking rack and a warm rack that is 165 sq inches.
Enough space to cook several items at the same time.

Char Griller 16620 grill grate

The grate is made of cast iron and this is one of the best materials for a grill grate.
The only bad thing is that you have to keep it seasoned all the time and for some people that is something they don’t like to do.
If this is you then look for a porcelain coated or steel grill grate that fits the Char-griller.

Customer reviews of the Char Griller Kamado Cooker

“I’ve had this grill almost a year now. It feels good to finally have a charcoal grill thats easy to use and multipurpose. Its held up well, probably helps that I keep it covered.

I’ve used it for direct grilling, indirect, and smoking. Awesome how you can change your grilling style depending on what you feel like. The bottom and top dampers allow for easy heat control.

I’ve always had issues with charcoal grills. Not starting well, not enough embers, not enough heat long enough, etc… With this grill I use both regular and chunk/lump charcoal. Both work well….”

“Takes a little time to assemble but assembly is pretty easy. I LOVE this grill. I have used it a lot already and it really holds in the heat well. Everything has been super juicy and cooked perfectly. I put bacon on the warmer that I had cooked a couple nights before in order to warm it up for burgers and it was great. I have made thick pork steaks, burgers, filets, bacon, brats on it. Make sure to get the cover for it too. I had heard these were great charcoal grills. I agree!! Fantastic item. I am super happy with it….(read more: here)”

Pros and Cons For the CharGriller Akorn


Here you can find the price on AmazonIt seems to be easy to keep a low and steady temperature with this grill.
One of the main pros we read and heard a lot is that the meat comes out really juicy.



The option to add a temperature controller is mentioned several times as a big pro.
Fold-able tables on the side make it very easy to store without using too much room.
It really uses a lot less charcoal than a regular grill or smoker.

Hard to move around is a con I have read and you have to latch the lid before you move it.
The air vents seem to leak a little especially on the older models. The newer models are improved to some of the newer ratings I have been reading.

You might have to do some additional mods to make it work the way you like it before it holds a steady low temperature.
The latch for the lid seems to be a little loose and this might cause an air leak, but it was easy to fix. The temperature gauge is not that good.

Char Griller Akorn Review – My Opinion

Like always I like to read the bad comments to see if they have something in common.
This time there were no common issues to find in the lower ratings.

This Kamado grill can not be compared to the bigger brands like Green egg. The quality of the materials is not the same. Not mean to say that the quality is bad, just a little lesser.

However, if you compare the price quality then I think this Char-Griller Kamado wins over the competition.
There are some minor flaws that can be fixed without spending a fortune.

The seals on the air vents are mentioned as not being 100 % airtight, but this was also easy to fix with some tape and/or tightening the bolts.

The walls seem not to be welded but rivet and I found one person claiming that at a high temperature this caused the air to come through the seams.

The temperature is, just like with most other grills, not too accurate and we recommend a quality digital thermometer to make sure that you know the temperatures you are cooking on.

Overall this Char-Griller 16620 Akorn Kamado cooker comes with a 4.6 rating and that is not much lower than the more expensive brands.

The material might be of a little lesser quality compared to the other bigger brands, but the price is a lot lower.
We can give this Kamado cooker our thumbs up and positive buying advice.

Check the price here

Recommendations for this Char Griller Akorn

Char griller kamado grill cover

Like always we recommend a quality grill cover for all grills. The Char griller grill cover can make the difference between rust and be able to keep your grill in good shape for years.

  • It is made of weather-resistant PVC vinyl that is easy to clean.
  • Received a 4.5-star rating from over 120 users
  • This cover fits several Chargriler Akorn models

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Check the price here

The second thing we recommend is some good quality digital thermometers.
Read my Pocket thermometer reviews and digital probe thermometer reviews to find the ones that fit your wallet and needs.

Tips from real users

  • Buy and use the Char-grill cover (see above)
  • Test after cooking to see if there are any air leaks by shutting all vents to see if there is any smoke coming out of any of the vents.
  • Shutting the air vents kills the fire and safes on charcoal

Feel free to leave a comment or remark if there is anything you can add to this Chargriller Akorn Kamado review

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