Char-Broil Big Easy Turkey Fryer Review

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It does not happen too often in all the char broil tru infrared grill reviews I have done that it is hard to find some cons of a grill. This Char-Broil tru infrared the big easy oil-less turkey fryer however this is one of them.

Char Broil The big Easy Infrared Reviews

What I like in particular is the fact that this turkey fryer is so much safer than the ones we used and contains oil. This by itself is already a reason to change to oil-less and infrared.

The meat that is cooked in this char broil infrared oil-less fryer seems to come out perfect every time. The most positive what I read is that the meat stays moist and the skin is crispy.

I think I can give this char broil infrared oil-less turkey fryer a positive recommendation.

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Grill surface of the Char broil infrared turkey fryer.

This grill is 24.5″ high and 22.1″ in diameter. Large enough for 2 chickens.

Material of the grill

This big easy turkey fryer is built from stainless steel.
I have seen this fryer at someone who used it for several years and it looked still great.

Features of this grill

The infrared turkey fryer comes with everything you need except the propane gas tank.
The cooker includes a cooking basket with a lifter. The meat thermometer, read more about that in our summary. A cooking guide and cool-touch handles. The rotary ignition, and the grease pan.

Customer Reviews

“The Big Easy is all it is billed to be. Easy to put together, easy to use, and easy to clean. I cooked with it for the 1st time on Christmas morning and closely followed the instructions. The turkey was moist as could be on the inside and the skin was nicely crisp and golden brown. Beautiful turkey and very tasty. I am very pleased with this purchase and recommend it to anyone not wanting to get into the expense of oil, and the disposale/storage/safety issues associated with oil….”

“After assembling the cooker and seasoning it per the provided instructions, I cooked two small hens, probably 3.5-4 lbs. each. Seasoned the birds with a dry rub I concocted and let them marinate in the fridge about four hours before I was ready to cook them. The cooker is easy as anything to use and is pretty much hassle-free. I am accustomed to frying chickens and turkeys in oil, so I was concerned that the birds were not getting as brown as quickly as with the conventional oil fryers. I wound up cooking the birds for two hours and they emerged as a light golden brown, with spots of darker colored “burn” marks on the wings and tops of the breasts. Once I got them in the house and on the plate, the meat nearly fell off the bone. They were extremely tender, moist and delicious…(read more : here)”

Better Grills Rating: 4.7

Pros & Cons



No hot oil to burn, splatter, or spill. No expensive oil to purchase, clean up, or recycle. Saves about $60 in oil that you can use only twice. Cooks in about 8 minutes per pound. Use a dry rub because it does not get washed off in the oil. No time to wait for the oil to cool off after using it.


Found a few minor cons for this big easy turkey fryer.

Construction is a little “cheap” and the welds are not top quality. Cooking takes longer than in an oil fryer. Oil fryers might last longer because they are built heavier. The thermometer is not really accurate.

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Char Broil Big Easy Turkey Fryer – My Opinion

After reading a ton of reviews on various sites and reading through all kinds of comments on forums
I can not find too many bad things about the char broil oil less turkey fryer model number: 14101480.

I read people searching for a Coleman oil-less turkey fryer but I could not find one so I guess this Char-Broil is what they are actually looking for.
The only few things I could find were about the quality of the fryer. Some people mentioned the poor quality of the welds and that it fell apart after a year.

I think just like any other grill it might have to do with maintenance and storage because most people do not mention anything about that.

Like always you can have a faulty product and that is why it is important to start using it as fast as you can and find out the problems within the warranty period of 3 months.
All the meat that I have read about comes out great and moist.

This infrared turkey fryer can be used for all kinds of larger curt meats.
I have read and seen recopies with chicken, beef, ribs, ham, turkey, and many other cuts of meat.

Like with any grill we recommend using a quality digital thermometer because most ones that come with grills are not too good and the one that comes with this turkey fryer seems to be no exception I found out that it can be off a lot.

The time to cook a turkey seems to be a little longer, but if you add the time it takes to heat up the oil in a turkey fryer that uses oil, the total time with the oil-less infrared is shorter.


Big Easy Cover

I always recommend a quality grill cover. This will protect your grill not just from bad weather, but also from getting dirty or damaged. This will probably also have an effect on how long you can use this turkey fryer.

Click on the image on the left to see the price of this recommended grill cover for your turkey fryer.

Tips from real users

Here are some tips we found to improve the use of the charbroil oil-less turkey fryer.

  • Oil the basket after each use.
  • You can use fine woodchips for a smoke flavor.
  • You can so easily make a beer can chicken
  • Open the propane tank first, then the big easy valve, and then light it.
  • Put any poultry in it with the legs up.
  • Use a quality thermometer like on any other grill.

One problem that propane grills have is that the regulator safety stops them from getting the flame high. If you have this problem you can have a look here at how to fix problems with gas regulators.

This is how this thing works.

Have a look at the picture to see how this infrared oil-less turkey fryer works or watch the video.

Big easy fryer explanation

Video review of the Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Deep Fryer from YouTube.

Here is a video of the old way of deep-frying a turkey and what can and has gone wrong so many times.

If there are so many warnings about using a deep-fryer to cook a turkey why even use one and take a change when there is a great alternative like the big easy oil less turkey fryer?
But here are some warning tips from the fire department for if you do use one with oil.

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Eddie van Aken

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