Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Performance 3-Burner Review

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char broil 3 burner infrared

This Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Performance 3-Burner has some nice features and the TRU infrared cooking system is in my opinion awesome.
The quality of the material that is used to build this grill is somewhat questionable. But many users also mention great quality.
The 3 burners all have their own ignition and that is a great plus. With an average rating of 3.1, you would say that this is not a great grill, but I think the ratings are a little off. about 60% of the people would recommend this grill to friends.

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Model 463270914
char broil price

Grill surface of the Performance 3 burner infrared char broil grill

480 sq inches primary and 180 sq inches secondary. enough to cook for a big crowd.

The grates are made of porcelain-coated stainless steel and this is my favorite material for grill grates.

  • electronic ignitions with separate sparks for every burner
  • 2 burners
  • Can be converted to natural gas
  • Tru infrared cooking system
  • Side burner

Customer Reviews

“Replaced my weber (2 years) old with this model and what a difference. My buddy has a CB Infrared and after checking his out I pulled the trigger on replacing a perfectly good grill with this one. WOW what a difference, no flare-ups, screaming hot grill and even cooking. The experience and results are amazing! I’ve read that the infrared grates rust out pretty quickly so I’ll try to clean often to get the best life possible. But so far I am very happy….”

“Assemble the Char-Broil grill yourself and you’ll get enough cardboard and Styrofoam scrap to fill a midsize pickup truck. The stamped metal surfaces have so many sharp, unfinished edges that if you tug on the bottom of the shelving to roll the assembled grill you could easily get deep, bleeding cuts on your hands. And, as noted in other reviews, the component quality is so poor that we’ve replaced the grilling surfaces (that rusted to the point of disintegration) and a front-panel thermometer after only one year.

But… the cooking results with the Char-Broil TRU Infrared grill are amazingly good. After two years this grill has never flamed up and has never ruined a cut of meat. The first time our son ate a pork chop cooked on the infrared grill he called it “ridiculous” – the highest compliment from a 20-year-old. The food from this grill easily rivals what you’d get at local steak houses.

Someday a competitor will make a grill that cooks this well and has acceptable build quality. But until then we’ll stay with this Char Broil model….(read more: reviews here)”

Better Grills Rating: 4.1

Pros & Cons


The infrared cooking system comes out as the best pro we could find. No flair-ups in combination with heating up fast gave many great cooking experiences.

About 60% would recommend this grill to a friend. That is a big pro in my opinion. We found out that starting this grill with the right seasoning and oiling all parts made it last a lot longer.

The price and response time of customer service was a positive experience. the 4 caster wheel is in my opinion a big plus to move this grill in any direction.


The cons mentioned most were the cheap materials for this grill, except for the grill grates.

There were many comments about rust after a short period of time. This might have to do with maintenance, but it still was mentioned a few times.

Sometimes we found out in our research that the grill came slightly damaged. This is not good, but can not always be blamed on the manufacturer.

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Features Overview:

Brand and modelChar broil tru infrared 3 burner gas grill. model 463270914
propane or natural gasComes in propane but can be converted to natural gas
Electronic ignitionYes, With a spark to every burner.
Weight131 lbs
Dimensions22 x 55 x 46 inhes
Side burneryes
BTU13.000 BTU
Temperature gauges3 on grate level
Wheels4 casters for easy moving

Summary of what I think about this char broil grill

Here are the average starts that this grill got on several consumer websites we researched.
30% 5 stars
39% 4 stars
10% 3 stars
10% 2 stars
30% 1 star

This makes it hard to give this grill a good or bad recommendation for us. It seems like you love it or hate it. It lasts for years and years or it falls apart after a short while.

The infrared cooking system is working great we could not find too many complaints about that. The ones we found are in my opinion more caused by the fact that you have to get used to infrared cooking on a charbroil grill. That is just a fact.

The most negative point was about the used material not being good. Here are some things that were mentioned most.
flimsy material, hard to clean, and paint-chipped right away.
But now the positive things we found are that is still good for about 65 – 70% of what we found.

No flair-ups, very easy to use, make sure to heat it up well, start up very fast, easy to add wood chips.

That brings us to the conclusion that the used materials are questionable, but the infrared system works great and delivers great cooking, after getting used to infrared cooking.

Although we also found out that people who bought this grill have it for years without any problem.

Maybe it also has to do with maintenance? Many people think that stainless steel means no maintenance.

Adding a quality cover, as we always recommend, can prevent a lot of rust and make a grill last a lot longer.


As always we recommend a good-quality cover for any grill.

We also recommend adding the rotisserie. (premium electric rotisserie – model 5584722) This fits all 3 and 4-burner char broil infrared grills.
Click on the picture to find out more about the rotisserie.

Tips from real users

  • Use some kind of cooking oil to prevent corrosion
  • The rotisserie is a great accessory
  • Keep it clean to prevent it from rusting

Eddie van Aken

Eddie van Aken has run his own full-service restaurant for many years. Before that, he worked as a grill and buffet cook in some of the mainstream restaurants. With his experience using professional kitchen equipment, he is able to write expert reviews. You can read more about Eddie van Aken here.

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