Char Broil Professional Tru Infrared 2 Burner Review

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The Char Broil professional Infrared 2 burners infrared grill is perfect for smaller spaces and combines it small size with a great feature to cook from chicken to searing steaks.

This grill features an infrared cooking system combined with enough cooking space for a family of 4 or 5 people.

It is dual fuel compatible and easy to convert to natural gas. The folding side table makes it possible to use it even on a smaller balcony.

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Better Grills Rating: 4.3

Grill surface of the Char Broil Professional 2 burner infrared grill

It is very important to pick the right size grill for your situation of course. Too big is wasting energy and gas. Too small is not good, because you can not use it as you would like to.

This 2 burner infrared had a 325 sq inch main cooking area and with the general rule of thumb, this is enough to cook for at least 4-5 people.

You need to calculate about 70 square inches per person. This is if you cook a full meal including veggies and all the other fixings on the grill.

For just burgers, you will have enough room for about 16 burgers with the rule of 20 sq inches per burger. Although I recommend using a maximum of 75% of the grill surface to keep room for moving things around.

Char Broil infrared grill grates

This grill comes with my favorite porcelain-coated cast-iron grates for the main grill area. The reason I like these so much is that the cast iron retains the heat very well and the porcelain coating makes cleaning very easy and is very durable.

The warming rack is made of stainless steel and also porcelain-coated and that works great since you do not need too much heat on the top rack.

Features of the Professional tru infrared 2 burner

  • Stainless steel top ported burners
  • Porcelain-coated grill grates
  • Electronic ignition
  • Folding side tables
  • The gas tank behind the door
  • Four wheels, 2 with lock

Customer Reviews of the Char Broil professional 2 burners infrared

I always try to read all or at least a big chunk of the reviews and will always start with the low ratings to see if they have things in common. Here are the stars we found for this grill.

  • 5 stars – 57%
  • 4 stars – 15%
  • 3 stars – 6%
  • 2 stars – 7%
  • 1 star – 15%

The 15% 1 star made me have a look at those first and what I found is that most of the complaints and low ratings came from the fact that the cleaning of an infrared grill can be a little hard to do.

The drippings clog up the small holes and it is my experience also with my portable infrared grill, that is not too easy to clean.

But in my opinion, the pros of the infrared system outweigh the cons of the tedious cleaning, that does not have to be done every time. but it depends on what you cook and how much you cook on it.

The second one was getting used to the infrared system. This is a little bit of a learning curve, but not too hard to do.

There were some complaints about the quality of the grill and it always surprises me that people expect the quality of a 1500-dollar grill in a grill that I have seen for around 300 dollars.

The other ratings are very similar to most grill reviews and mention that assembly would be easier with a more written manual instead of the pictures.

Some mentioned that the grill was damaged because of the packaging, but others mention that the packaging was great. That is the problem with reviewing. Everyone has his or her standards.

People who complained about the grill not getting hot found out later that it was the safety of the regulator like we wrote about in the post on how to solve gas regulator problems in your gas grill.

A complaint about the grill rusting after moisture getting trapped under the grill cover. This is not the grill his fault, but the quality of the cover that was used in my opinion.

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Cons and Pros for this grill



  • Infrared is great
  • Small enough for smaller spaces
  • large enough for a family
  • Gets hot


  • Hard to assemble
  • Ignition is no to good
  • Learning curve for infrared
  • Some quality issues

My Opinion Of The Char Broil Professional Tru Infared 2 Burner

It is not hard to give this grill a nice recommendation after adding up all the reading I did about this grill.

The grill is large enough for a family of 4 and maybe some guests if you cook burgers, chicken, or hotdogs.

The infrared system has a little learning curve but lets you cook and in my opinion and experience, better quality meat. Juicier and cooked faster.

This grill got some mixed opinions online. From a great grill to, a piece of junk. Much is depending on what you expect.

You get what you pay for in most cases. This grill comes in a very affordable price range compared to the quality if you, however, expect the quality of a 9 or 1000-dollar Weber you will be disappointed.

If you expect a decent grill that will last a long time if taken care of properly I think you have a good deal.

Prepare to do some deep cleaning of the intermittent grate with the small holes. I let them burn off after using the grill and this works pretty well. You still need to clean it like any other grill.

Good thing is that you do not have to clean the bottom, because there will be not much to clean compared to non-infrared grills.

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