Char Broil Grill2Go Review

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Char Broil grill2go x200 review

Last Updated May, 2024

I bought this grill and decided to do a Char Broil grill2go review to help you decide if this Tru infrared grill is worth the money and how it performs.

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Package and assembly of the Char Broil X200

The package is good and sturdy. Easy to unpack and hardly any assembly to do.
Only thing I found about the Char Broil 200 after opening the box was that there were no instructions on the few parts that had to be used.

But it was pretty easy to see where they had to go. There are after all only a few Char Broil grill2go parts in the box.

Regulator assembly

grill 2go BBQ regulator installed

The assembly of the Char Broil X200 regulator could have been a little clearer in the manual instructions.
All you have to do is line up the red dot on the regulator with the indent in the gas-line and then turn it left or right and it will be secured.

Removing it goes in reversed order. The Char Broil grill 2 go regulator works fine on mine but if you have any problems you can find a solution here. You can also scroll a little down this page to see what my choice is to regulate the temperature better.

X200 large grease pan

grill 2go x200 grease pan

It comes with a nice and large grease catch pan compared to other grills I have used and like I always do I line it with aluminum foil or use the cheap aluminum pans you can buy at almost any grocery store.

Seasoning of the Char Broil Grill2Go X200

grill2go temperature gauge

I have seasoned the grill as mentioned in the manual.
I just was out of the recommended canola oil so used olive oil instead, as I did with many other grills

This grill gets HOT. With the lid closed, like you always do when you season a grill, the temperature gauge got way over of what it could read in no time, and it did heat up quickly.

Later in my char broil x200 grill2go test, I tried it, on the lowest setting of the regulator and, although it took longer, of course, the reading still got higher than the gauge it’s maximum reading.

As I mentioned in many of my reviews these kinds of thermometers are not accurate so I take that with a grain of salt. I tested it with my Ivation thermometer, but more about that later.

Grill2go regulator problems

There were a few people who mentioned that the regulator does not work.
That it just stays in high even when turned down.
I have tested this and I personally had no problem with it.

I can even hear the gas flow getting higher and lower when you turn the knob.

If yours does not do that contact Char Broil for a replacement regulator.

Char X200 and windy situation

I read that this grill is not too good in windy situations and that the wind blows out the flame.

I have tested this on my patio the day I seasoned the grill and had it on purpose sitting in the wind to test this and had to reignite it twice.

I turned the back of the grill to the wind and had no problem anymore.

So here is a word of advice
. Be careful in the wind and watch it or shelter it from the wind.
If the flame goes out first turn the gas off and let it sit for a few minutes with the lid open to air out the remaining gas before you re-ignite the grill. Safety first.

Char Broil grill2go too hot

This is one of the most heard complaints I guess. I personally think that a grill should be hot because that is the purpose of grilling.

But I can understand that since this grill does only have one burner, and that means no cooler spots, it can be a problem.

If this is a problem for you try to add a propane gas regulator or replace the hose you use to hook it up to a 20lb gas tank with a hose that includes a regulator you can find my 3 recommendations here.

best grill2go propane hose adapter with regulator

This one of the hoses with regulator I found has some great ratings.
Available for high pressure like 30 psi or regular 20 psi. You can click on the picture to see the most recent price.
I have tested it and with the regulator on the grill itself at low and the regulator on the propane tank turned down to 5 PSI my grill stays at a perfect temperature for grilling hamburgers without cooking too fast.
I keep using it because you can always turn it up higher if you think you need that.

You need this small connector also. That fits between the hose and the regulator on the grill.

Char Broil Grill2go Infrared Feature

burgers on the X200

I have to be honest and tell you that this is my first experience with the Char Broil infrared feature.
To test I started my infrared adventure with some burgers. I rather ruin a burger than a nice steak was my thoughts on this.

I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised. I always thought that the “no flare-ups” was a little bit of a sales pitch, but it is true.
Absolutely no flare-ups and that is almost impossible with a hamburger that has a fat content of 20%.

On my other grills, I always had to move them around to keep them away from the flare-up and prevent them from burning.

The problem I always had was that I like to pat my burgers lose and if you have to move them they are not firm yet and sometimes fall apart. This is no problem with the X200 and I did not have to move them before it was time to flip them over.

I had some great grill marks as you can see in the picture. This was the first time I used my handheld thermometer to check the internal temperature and this worked great.

The infrared system cooks faster than a regular gas grill but in my opinion, the result is also better.
For a full explanation, you can look at our what is an infrared grill article.

Char Broil Grill2go X200 Main Features

LidCast aluminum
Fire BoxCast aluminum
Cooking surface200 square inches
Grilling grateStainless steel
Cooking systemTru-Infrared
IgnitionPush button
Weight20 pounds
Temperature gauge In the lid
Dimensions23.7 wide x 15.7 deep x 13.6 high
Propane tank16.4 Oz disposable. Can be used with 20 lbs tank.

Grill surface

This is of course, not the largest grill you can buy, but for a portable gas grill, the X200 has a nice size.

The grill grate is 200 square inches and with the rule that you need 72 inches per person that is large enough for almost 3 people if you leave the recommended 20% space open.

I have fitted 9 hamburgers on there myself with no problem and still had room left to flip them over.

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Char Broil Grill2go review – My Opinion

I have been using the grill now for a few weeks and I am pretty happy with it.
The only thing is that it gets hotter than hot. Most of the time I use it on the lowest setting of the gas regulator and this is hot enough for my kind of grilling.

This grill will make some nice grill marks on your meat without having to leave it on there too long.
I like to use the handheld thermometer I use and cook my meat just to the right temperature and then take it off and let it sit for a few minutes before I cut it. This works really well with this grill.

The handles do not get hot at all. Like I think we should expect to be honest. The Char Broil company did a good job on this part.

As I mentioned in the features the Cast aluminum firebox and lid make this grill heat up pretty fast and you don’t have to wait too long to start cooking.
The other end is that it also cools off fast and that makes it even easier for me. No waiting forever before you can put the cover back on. Within about 10 minutes you are ready to put to cover on.

Bad thing is that you have to clean it right away with your grill brush. If you wait too long the grill is too cold to scrape it off with the brush.
Although this grill gets hot you do not have to worry about where to place it. There is hardly any heat coming from the bottom of the grill.
The legs and handles do not get hot at all and I was surprised by that.

I like to turn it on high for a few minutes while my meat is resting and then use a wire brush to clean the grill grates.
After the grill cooled off I use the metal scraper that comes with the grill and scrap in between the grill grates.

It says not to use the grill grate scraper on a hot grill. I got no idea why but I will contact Char Broil to find out the reason for this advice.

My only concern would be the push-button ignition feature. I wonder how long this will last. I had some other grills with this feature and they all went out after a while.

I am just happy that it is a push button and not battery-operated. The batteries always run out at the most unexpected moment and I think any outdoor grill manual is the better option, but this is my personal opinion.
Update: After more than 3 years the push-button ignition still works. I just cleaned it a little. After a winter of not using my Char Broil x 200, the grill fired up the first time of trying.

I read that someone had a built-in propane tank in his RV and connected the grill to this with a quick connect hose with no problem.
But make sure to have this checked by an RV dealer because the pressure needs to be correct or your gas grill will not work properly or can cause a dangerous situation.

Read more customer reviews here:

After using this grill for a while and getting used to the little adjustments to the Char Broil infrared grill system I have to say that I really like it.

Easy to start and fairly easy to clean. As I mentioned before the only negative thing is that the flame goes out in a windy situation. But once you know this you can prevent it by keeping it out of the wind.

This small infrared grill gets hotter than hot on its highest setting and just hot on the lowest setting of the gas regulator.
The no flare-ups are one of the things I like the most in combination with the nice grill marks you can make.

Remember that this is a portable infrared grill and that the size of the grate is limited. The rectangle shape, however, makes it fully usable.
I have not tested this yet with a digital probe thermometer but the temperature seems pretty consistent over the whole grill grate.

Just on a little windy day, I thought that the side where the wind came from was a little cooler.

I have used a cheap little portable propane grill for a year to try if I would like to grill on gas and after that, I decided to buy this one because of the great Char Broil infrared features I read in many reviews.

Char Broil Grill2go x200 carry all case

X200 Carrying case

The Char Broil X200 carry-all measures 24L x 17W x 15 tall. Believe it or not, virtually exactly the same size as the unit itself. The case adds no additional size to the grill. Most of the time a grill carry case is a lot bigger and that makes them, in my opinion, useless. A portable grill is most of the time used on a camping trip and it is always hard to find enough space already without having to deal with a big carrying case for your grill. This carry-all case can also be used as a grill cover for grill2go x200.
Buy from Amazon here: X200 Carrying case

Video of unpacking and assembling the Char Broil grill2go x200

YouTube video player

Char Broil X200 versus Weber Q1000

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I think that if you read my Weber Q1000 review and compare it to the Char Broil X200 they both are very good grills.
There are a few differences.

  • The X200 has a little more grill space with 200 square inches compared to the Q1000 with 189.
  • The X200 has 9500 BTU and the Q1000 8500 BTU.
  • The X200 weighs 20 lbs and the Q1000 27.5 lbs
  • The X200 is infrared. In my experience a huge difference in flare-ups
  • The X200 has no stand available. The Q1000 does.
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Char Broil 4 foot adapter hose for larger gas tank

Adapter hose for X200

I hooked it up to a larger propane tank with the adapter hose that you can buy from Char Broil because I do not like to fool with the small gas tanks.

No problem to use it this way. I have, however, changed it to the hose with the pressure regulator I mentioned earlier in this review.

I have used this hose now for a long time and it works great. If you can get it under 15 dollars grab it. That’s a great deal!

You can also have a look at our post about propane hoses, adapters, regulators, and tank gauges to find a replacement.

You can order one here on Amazon: Char Broil 4 foot hose
It can also be used for other types of tabletop grills to convert to a 20LB tank.

You can read all our Portable gas grill reviews by clicking here or looking at the menu at the top of this page.

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