Char Broil Electric Rotisserie

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char broil electric grill rotisserie

The Char Broil premium electric grill rotisserie will fit most 3 and 4-burner grills with no problem.
It can carry a weight of 20 pounds and the meat forks that are included hold up very well.

If you are looking to make some finger-licking rotisserie chicken on your Char-Broil grill this is probably what you are looking for.

Let’s have a little better look at the Char Broil electric rotisserie

This rotisserie is not only for chicken but can be used for a variety of meats like ham, roast, and any larger piece of meat.

The main advantage of a rotisserie is that the meat will cook very even and the rotation makes that it basically baste itself and keeps the chicken or other meat very moist and not dried out.

Features and measurements

The dimensions are 39.4 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches.
The weight of the unit is 4.5 pounds and it made by the Char Broil company.

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Customer reviews of the Char Broil Rotisserie

I always take a good look at the lower ratings to find similarities that we have to mention in our review that is bad and this Char Broil grill rotisserie is no exception.

13% gave the 1-star rating for the reason that either the motor burned out too fast or because the motor was not strong enough.
some of them had to make smaller adjustments to make it fit on their grill and that is why they gave it a 1 star.
Others mentioned that it worked well for one season and the next season broke down.

8% 2-star raters and they mentioned that again the motor did not hold up and that the overall quality was disappointing.
Some thought it would be more special made for Char Broil, but they mentioned it looked very generic.

9% 3-star ratings mentioned of course that it worked pretty well, but again some remarks about the motor not being too strong.
The rod tends to come out of the motor and then it stops rotating. This could be an installation error.

70% rated the rotisserie with a 4 and 5-star rating. There are extra brackets in the package to install it on other brands that confused some people about what to use for their grill. But after reading the manual really well the problems got solved easily.

There was some advice that the meat has to be very well balanced and then the unit will last a long time.

Several times I read that it would be nice if the speed would be adjustable.

char broil electric rotisserie

Our opinion about the Char Broil electric rotisserie

I guess there are some problems with this rotisserie that you have to check as soon as it arrives at your house.

Make sure it fits your grill because although it says that it will fit it seems that Char-Broil makes small changes to their grills and this means that the rotisserie does not fit as easily as they say.

There are still more people who like this electric rotisserie and enjoy all the good food they cook with it.
Be aware of the problems and send it back if you have any doubts about the quality.

Make sure that you do not overload it and try to keep the meat balanced all over it. This seems to be the key to the best quality meat and makes the motor work more constant and this will prolong the life of the motor.

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