Carnivore Club Box Review – Discount Code and Price

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carnivore club review

What was the reason for me to do a Carnivore Club review? I stumbled upon this meat delivery service and what they have to offer and was surprised by the types of meat they offer that in many cases you can not buy in any local store

Carnivore Club delivers the finest meat around – and has it delivered directly to your door, rain or shine. Handcrafted cured meat from across the world, every single box is a mouth-watering masterclass. Packaged in beautiful, butcher-paper-wrapped bundles, each Carnivore Club box will be unique and the perfect-sized indulgence.

Featuring a quality selection of cured meat that can only be found in local, independent businesses. Carnivore Club offers the experience of tasting and enjoying an artisan craft product.

As far as meat goes, they have it all. From Wagyu beef jerky to Elk sausage to pastrami to lamb chops too, well…the list goes on. The variety and quality of the meats are delivered in every bite. This subscription has something for everyone!

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What is the Carnivore Club?

Carnivore Club essentially is a monthly subscription to gourmet cured meats. Depending on what box you opt for, your engagement with Carnivore Club could be more frequent on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Each month your premium personalized parcel will include exquisitely curated products from local artisans, who are true masters when it comes to the craft they practice.

The vision is to offer a new experience; every single Carnivore Club box will be fitted to indulge fully your inclination to taste and enjoy some of the best-cured meats you can find on the market.

The cured meats Carnivore Club offers to its members are perfect for any occasion, be it to treat your family or friends or to give as a gift basket. Carnivore Club’s meat gift boxes are not only tasty and savory but also a striking display of meat products.

Unboxing Carnivore Club

When the Carnivore Club package is finally delivered to your home, you will be surprised at the level of detail that has been paid to deliver the product. Some might find this type of over-packaging just over the top, yet it still says something about those responsible for the product quality and the efforts they put into it.

Let’s start with a video of unboxing a Carnivore Club box. I cut off the first part of the video to get to the unboxing part.

Carnivore Club Review // Is It Worth It?!

From the moment you take the box out of the main package to when you receive your meat variety pack inside the box, it is difficult to not admire the entire process of it. The box seems simple at first, yet it is elegant and leaves a lasting impression, something that many consumers will appreciate.

You Can Find All The Boxes Here!

Featuring a faux-wood box as packaging, with deep red color, and gold lettering that once seen, will easily leap into your awareness. It’s difficult not to notice the subtle details of the box and the simple but effective quality that goes towards it.

As a consumer, you can expect to receive cuts that are higher in quality, making everything from that sense to taste. This allows tasteful preference from meat to meat, allowing you to appreciate the entire range of artistry from the company and the company’s relationship with its clients. They will focus on delivering just the best; they will focus on packaging that will appeal to those who have a keen sense of taste and attention to detail.

If taken in that light, the entire experience is just an homage to a greater sense of self-detail and aims to allow each customer to be able to enjoy something on a more personal level that might just have something to do with themselves.

How Does Ordering Work?

Planning on ordering your Carnivore Club box? Taking care of the basics is a good way to get things started!

1st it’s crucial to understand that Carnivore Club provides multiple meat selections, meat box subscriptions, and gift packs. To purchase a box, you have to register on their website, add the meat box/boxes to your cart, and proceed to the checkout page.

Once you pay for your purchase, you will receive confirmation of your order, along with a tracking number to track which week you are to expect your box.

For subscription boxes, you will first need to join their club, which may seem expensive but is just a fancy way to subscribe to their recurring monthly, every two or three months subscription plans.

Depending on the benefits you are seeking, they have auto-renewal subscription packages that get you a 16.67% discount on every purchase.

You can choose to pay for a box without enabling the recurring subscription. To place an order without subscribing to a subscription, simply visit their website, choose the Classic Box or Snack option from the menu, pick the meat box/boxes you want, put them in the cart, and proceed to the checkout page where you can add the right shipping option and payment details.

Once payment is completed, in a week or less, depending on your shipping location, you will receive the box containing the awesome selection!

You Can Find All The Boxes Here!

What Meats Can You Buy from the Carnivore Club?

Charcuterie: In the classic edition, you get to enjoy a variety of cured meats and sausages. This includes Rustico salami, Salsicca Secca Picante, and Tuscan-style salami. Grab the variety that you like and enjoy the intake of the fine stuff at work, at home, while on the road, or in the middle of the night, no judgment here!

Jerky: If you love individual pieces of meat, then you are in for a treat. Get this variety and enjoy jerky from beef, turkey, pork, game meats, etc. Enjoy this great source of protein at any time of the day, thanks to Carnivore Club!

Gift Boxes: You can get a gift box depending on your tastes or the receiver’s taste. From the exotic jerky bouquet to the keto meat snacks sampler, the gourmet cheese, and cracker sampler to the gluten-free jerky and meat sticks sampler, you’ll love all the varieties. Each box is tailored to your tastes and the tastes to whom you want to gift it!

Classic Box: Wisconsin River Meat, Chorizo Salami, and Wild game sampler are just some of the inclusions in this box. Though content changes every month, often you’ll get to enjoy their premium cuts like Dry Aged NY Strip Steaks, Wagyu Beef Burnt Ends, and Berkshire Bacon all in a classic box!

You Can Find An Overview Of The Boxes Here!

Carnivore Club Shipping

Carnivore Club boxes are delivered either through the United Parcel Service or the United States Postal Service (USPS). It is worth mentioning that shipping is not free. It will cost you $9.99 for each box in your order. Shipping to Canada and to other foreign countries (for those residing outside of the USA) – you can choose Canada Post.

Carnivore Club Review -Summary

The Carnivore Club is an interesting subscription to get into if you have been interested in getting better quality meats and sausages from around the world.

There are a lot of nice smoked meats, cured meats, cured sausage, and jerky. All this can be delivered through a monthly meat subscription box or can be purchased individually.

In terms of meat, certain products are on the premium side of the spectrum; this means that some of the core products can be a little more expensive than cheaper options, but again you do get a lot of variety here.

I believe that the Carnivore Club is not for everyone. It is in my opinion more a luxury box that comes with exceptional handcrafted meats made all over the world and not so much a box that you will use one evening snack.

If you like to have a look at their website to see if my Carnivore Club review is true you can find their website here!

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