For as far as I can remember I always heard that you had to thaw out your steak and preferably let it come to room temperature before grilling.

Lately, I started to hear more and more about and stumbled upon the question can you grill a steak frozen.

Frozen, Refrigerated and Room Temperature Grilled Steak

I always like to see some proof before I believe what I read. At least in many cases. So, I had to start digging into what the best way to grill a steak is. Frozen, refrigerated, or room temperature.

Reason to start digging online and try to find someone who did a good comparison between cooking these 3 types of steaks.
I started with reading and found a nice article on the website of my friends of Crowd Cow.

Since that only gave me a well-written but partial answer I started looking at Youtube for maybe an even better answer.

I found one that really answered all the questions I had.

As you can see he did not just grilled them but weight them first and then even figured out how much weight they lost.

Grilling Frozen Steak – My Opinion

Although the outcome of this test shows that a frozen grilled steak gives the best result compared to room temperature or refrigerated I am not sure if I would use this method all the time.

I am also sure I will test this way of grilling steak for myself. However not so extended as in the video above.

You got an opinion or have tried to grill a frozen steak? Share your opinion here.

Eddie van Aken

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