Camp Chef Woodwind Review

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Camp Chef Woodwind review

Camp Chef Woodwind Models

The Camp Chef Woodwind review shows that there are three versions and each of them has there own pros and cons and price.

The three models are:

  • WoodWind WiFi 20
  • WoodWind WiFi 24
  • WoodWind WiFi 36

All three of them come with WiFi, ash cleanout, slide and grill, and the smoke number controller

The Woodwind 24 and 36 can be equipped with the sidekick flat top or the sidekick sear.

To make it easier for you to see the difference in appearance and price I placed them all on the same page for you for an easy comparison side by side.

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If you would like to see them all on one page you can find them here.

Here you will find all the ins and outs of the Camp Chef Woodwind pellet grills. I will try to answer every possible question you might have.

Camp Chef Woodwind 20 Review

camp chef woodwind 20 review

As I mentioned above this is the smallest in the Woodwind series.

Small doesn’t mean it is not good. It is, in my opinion, a starters model with nice features and a very affordable price.


The Woodwind 20 is a compact grill with a space-saving design, Bluetooth-enabled PID, WiFi, and a full-color display. Its slim profile is an excellent addition for those who need to set up a bbq in a small area. The pellet grill comes in powder-coated steel construction and a stainless steel firebox and lid.

Woodwind 20 Features

  • LOWER RACK: 115.5 SQ IN
  • SHELF: 13.75 IN x 10.5 IN
  • HOPPER: 10 LBS
  • HEIGHT: 32 IN
  • WEIGHT: 90 LBS

So here’s a rundown of the smaller Camp Chef Woodwind pellet grill series model in my Woodwind WiFi 20 Pellet Grill review. 

Cooking area

The Camp Chef Woodwind 20 has an exciting cook surface in a setup that allows you to maneuver when grilling quickly. It has an enamel-steel cooking surface measuring 13 ¾ by 18.4 inches and a 506-square-inch nickel-plated rack.

The cooking chamber is large and has a height-adjustable upper rack to cook tall food. 

PID Temperature Control

Camp Chef’s Smart Smoke Technology helps maintain constant temperatures and allows you to monitor up to four meat probes at the same time. The temperature is calibrated in 5-degree increments from 145 degrees to 450 degrees. Having total control over the temperature levels means you can cook your meat to a perfect medium-rare, rare, or well-done.

This PID temperature is detailed and precise to cook good meals like a pro. In addition, the smoke control dictates how much smoke is released, with lower settings having tight temperature constants.

This grill also has an automatic auger feed system that ensures you don’t run out of pellets while grilling.

Woodwind 20 WiFi Control

Camp Chef has an excellent record for producing state-of-the-art equipment, and what keeps the Woodwind 20 modern is its WiFi connectivity. But how does WiFi connectivity make a pellet grill modern?

WiFi connectivity means you’ll always know what is happening even when you’re not close to the grill. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can monitor the temperature or check smoke levels through an app on your phone. The camp chef Connect app works perfectly and does not have any inaccuracies.

Woodwind 20Ash Cleanout

Working on a clean area is essential, and the Woodwind 20 Pellet has an ash cleanout system to remove all the clutter. In addition, the compartment can be slid when full, and it is conveniently located beneath the grill.

Woodwind 20 video

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Camp Chef Woodwind 20 – My Opinion

Camp Chef Products never disappoint, and the Woodwind 20 Pellet Grill has met its expectations in BBQ grilling. It has a compact design and can be transported to outdoor events and weekend getaways. In addition, the fuel-efficient grill has a digital display system that is easy to operate and monitor. Plus, did I forget the WiFi? Well, you’d have to purchase this grill to know other exciting features. Also, don’t be shy to include your views in the comments section.

Camp Chef Woodwind 24 Review

Camp Chef Woodwind 24 Review

I was lucky enough to try out the Camp Chef Woodwind 22, which I found interesting. So, shall we?

Woodwind 24 features


The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 looks very professional but still has that traditional grill appeal. It has a stainless steel covering grill with a wood pellet hopper attached.

It can be controlled via WiFi through the Camp Chef Connect app and has a full-color PID display on the front.

The additional sear box on the side diversifies your grilling experience, and you can have two dishes simultaneously. It has WiFi connectivity to control primary functions such as temperature, timers, etc.

Customizable Heat Setting

The Woodwind 24 has a wide temperature range of 160 degrees to 450 degrees. The WiFi capability allows you to adjust the temperatures remotely at increments of five degrees. It is pretty easy to make a brisket and cook it well without staying close to the grill.

Hopper Capacity

With a hopper capacity of 22lbs, the pellet grill can take up a full 20 lbs bag of pellets. Interestingly, most pellet grills don’t have large hoppers to accommodate a whole bag of pellets. Plus, the quick empty function is excellent for changing from smoky oak pellets to a more cherry wood flavor.

WiFi Controller

Perhaps the main highlight of this pellet grill is the full-colored display controller and WiFi capability. The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 has a WiFi controller that allows you to monitor

and control the grill via the Camp Chef Connect app. With a stable internet connection, you can control this grill from virtually anywhere in the world.

So, if you want to take care of something while grilling, you can set a timer and watch it from your preferred location. Nothing will burn as the grill’s app will give you an alert when ready.

Four Probe Temperature Inputs

As a modern pellet grill, this model has four meat temperature probes that let you monitor your meat as it cooks. The four probes mean you can cook four different lumps of meat at their unique temperatures. Also, be aware that the meat probes will work well on temperatures below 350 degrees; otherwise, anything higher than that can ruin the probes.

Optional Attachments

In addition to the sear box option, Camp Chef also allows you to add a propane-powered “Sidekick” attachment to add a propane gas burner. The Sidekick has a removable flat griddle ideal for cooking dishes such as eggs, bacon, and any food you like.

I’m a fan of side griddles, especially when cooking scrambled eggs as I wait for my brisket to cook. I must say Camp Chef did a great job adding these features.

Camp Chef Woodwind 24 video

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Camp Chef Woodwind 24 Review – My Opinion

You can already tell that this pellet impresses a lot. It has decent value for money, easy to use, and provides all the features you’d expect from a modern pellet grill. I recommend the Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 24 for versatile cooking and easy grilling.

Camp Chef Woodwind 36 Review

Camp Chef Woodwind 34 Review

The Woodwind 36 is a modern pellet grill, and it was no surprise they had to include state-of-the-art features. It has a nice metal finish with a silver top and sturdy stands. The grill looks like it is ready to roll, and you can see a beautiful display and a few attachments to it.

Let’s get started…

Woodwind 36 Features


Smoke Number

This pellet grill from Camp Chef allows you to monitor and regulate temperatures as you cook. You can also control the amount of smoke-infused in your meat by adjusting the Smoke Number. With the Woodwind 36, getting that extra smoky flavor or a minor cherry aftertaste is possible.

The PID controller is highly accurate so that you can make chef-quality dishes. The Smoke Number works hand-in-hand with a temperature regulator such that the temperatures hold tighter as the Smoke Number decreases.

WiFi Controller

Along with the WiFi is a fill-color, weather-resistant, and easy-to-use display. In addition, it has four ports for temperature probes. What’s more, you can connect the controller through a mobile application. The app is available on Google Play Store and lets you control functions such as temperature control, timer, etc., from the comfort of wherever you are. So, you can continue watching football as you wait for your favorite cut to cook.

Sidekick Attachment

Most grills are notorious for flattering clients with versatility and throwing around phrases like “5 in 1 cooking.” Well, Camp Chef has made a significant improvement in making the pellet grill versatile with its sidekick option.

The Sidekick is a propane burner that attaches to the pellet grill for extra cooking space and versatility. For example, you can use the burner to warm water or the steel griddle to fry onions, bacon, and eggs. Plus, add-ons such as a grill box and pizza oven.

Ash Cleanout

Your pellet grill uses hardwood pellets to produce smoke, and it’ll inevitably accumulate ash. So, instead of using the shop vac to clean it out, you pull the Ash Cleanout knob and remove the unwanted ash in a few seconds. This method is excellent for quick ash removal, particularly when switching to a different pellet.

Camp Chef Woodwind 36 video

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Camp Chef Woodwind 36 Review – My Opinion

At around $1,000, The Camp Chef Woodwind 36 Pellet Grill may not be the most affordable piece on the market. However, it provides lots of competition for major brands such as Traeger. In addition, the Woodwind 36 has an extensive “side table” option for diverse cooking and serving dishes such as scrambled eggs, bacon, etc.

Camp Chef Woodwind Review – My opinion

Grill surfaces of the Camp Chef Woodwind series

Before anything else, I always like to know the grill surface that I can use. Like most pellet grills there is an upper rack and a lower rack. The measurements are:

  • Woodwind wifi 20 – 501 square inches
  • Woodwind wifi 24 – 800 square inches
  • Woodwind wifi 36 – 1236 square inches

This makes the total grill area between 501 and 1236 Square inches. With the rule that you need about 72 square inches per person, this grill can handle cooking food for between 4 and 12 people at the same time.

Material of the grate

I had a hard time finding the answer and had to contact Camp Chef customer service to find that the grill grates are made of porcelain-coated steel. If you ever read some of my other reviews you know that porcelain-coated is my personal preference.

sorry for my serious face but I had a problem with the camera.

Eddie van Aken Checking the Camp Chef woodwind grill grates
checking out the grill grates

You can see all features here!

What I always do is look at the lower ratings to see if there are things that come back more than normal. With about 15% of the buyers giving it a low rating I had a few things to read.

What I found were mostly the same problems I found in my other Camp Chef pellet grill reviews. Things like temperature swings, assembly problems, and customer service.

After looking at the higher ratings and kind of leaving out the very good and very bad I think that the overall customer is pretty happy with this pellet grill.

I read in the reviews that the smoke flavor is not as strong as when you use a regular smoker. This is something I also read in other Pellet grill reviews I did.

Camp Chef Woodwind Pros and Cons

Every product and the Camp Chef Woodwind is no exception, had pros and cons. Here you can find the ones I think are most important to know.

  • Hopper cleanout
  • Ashes cleanout
  • 4 wheels
  • large hopper
  • Not a lot of smoke flavor
  • Temperature swings
  • Bad customer service

Click here to see all models!

There are a few things I found in this Camp Chef Woodwind review that I really like. The hopper cleanout and the ashes catcher are the most important ones. I did not find these in the other Camp Chef Reviews I did.

I also like the temperature probes, but that is a feature you see on more pellet grills lately.

Although I like the two temperature probes I still use a handheld thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat I cook. some probes do not work too well on thinner pieces. Here you can find my choice pocket thermometers.

The 4 wheels on the Woodwind 36 are a great idea. No more lifting up one side to move the grill around. One wheel can be locked to keep the grill in place.

People mentioned that they did not get a real smoke flavor in their meat. In my opinion that is one of the drawbacks of pellet grills in general.


The standard model is, of course, the most affordable but I recommend also having a look at the models with the Sear box or the Sidekick to add more options to your outdoor cooking.

Camp Chef Sear box versus Sidekick

As I mentioned these are two great additions to your Camp Chef woodwind. You can buy them with or add them later, but that will cost more.

The Sear box comes with a 16.000 BTU burner and is made of stainless steel. The grill grate is enameled cast iron. I can only find good reviews of it and this does not happen too much.

It is about 11.5 x 16 inches and that totals 184 square inches.

Camp chef woodwind sear box

The Sidekick is actually a side burner that can be converted into a flat top grill, outdoor oven, and Jerky maker. It can also be converted to natural gas.

camp chef woodwind sidekick

Click here to see all models!

Altogether it is hard to choose between the Sidekick or the Sear box. I guess it all depends on your specific way of using the Camp Chef Woodwind pellet grill.

In my situation, I would opt for the Sidekick since I already have a propane gas burner next to the grill area on my patio.

Tips from users

I found some nice tips from users. One is a no-brainer in my opinion and that is to use a grill cover. I found that they have one that fits great here on Amazon.

Woodwind Assembly

Assembly seems to be pretty straightforward, but a video can explain it better than I do.

YouTube video player

Eddie van Aken

Eddie van Aken has years of experience in running his full-service restaurant and with this came working with using and dealing with all types of kitchen equipment. With his experience, he can find all the pros and cons of grills and add them to the grill reviews he is doing. You can read more on the about page for Eddie van Aken

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