Camp Chef Smokepro XT Review

Rating: 4.6 Reviewed by Eddie


The Camp Chef Smokepro XT review was not easy to do. Not a lot of information available for this wood pellet grill smoker.

I found however enough to give you a nice idea if this is the pellet grill you are looking for.

It is available in a black version and a bronze version to match your deck or patio.

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Grill Surface / Material of the grate / Features / Customer Reviews /Pros and Cons / My Opinion / Recommendations / Tips from users

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Grill surface of the Camp chef Smokepro xt

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To figure out if this is the pellet smoker you need it is important to know the exact grill surface.

The total cooking space of the Camp Chefmokepro XT is 570 square inches.

With the general rule that you need about 72 inches per person the Camp Chef smokepro xt with its 19.5 x 22 inches comes to a total of almost 440 square inches and this is large enough for 6 people.

The shelf adds an additional 6 x 24 = 144 square inches.

Material of the grate

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I did a lot of searching for this information but could not find it. I had to contact their customer service to see if they can help me. This also will give information on how good their customer service is. I send an email and there answer came the next day.

The grill grates are stainless steel with an enamel coating. One of my favorite materials for grill grate because of the easy cleaning and basically non-stick.

Features of the Camp Chef Smokepro XT

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  • Hopper 18 lbs
  • Main surface 428 sq inches
  • Extra rack surface 141 sq inches
  • Ash clean-out system
  • Meat probe included
  • 160 – 500 degrees temperature range

Later in the section where we give your my opinion we will talk more about all these features.

Customer Reviews of the Camp Chef Smokepro XT

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Customer reviews and conversation on forums are a great way to find out more what real users think of this grill. I spend a lot of time reading and digging to come up with these observations.

First I have to tell you that it was not easy to do this Camp Chef Smokepro xt review there is not to much information to find that people write about this Smokepro xt.

The few buyers that took the time to write a review are in general pretty happy with this pellet grill.

I did not find a lot of complaints and the ones I found were comparable with other pellet grill reviews I did in this price range.

Thing like problems with temperature swings, not enough smoke or to much smoke, no way to dump the pellets out and more simple complaints.

One person mentioned that because of the flat bottom of the pellet hopper and the auger feeder is in the middle the pellets did not always feed in the auger.

Thing is that there is no one size fits all pellet grill on the market. We all have our own little preferences we like to see.

I like it that I found in the Camp Chef XT review that this smoker/grill is available in black and in a bronze color for the same price. Most of the time you pay more for the bronze versions.

Better Grills Rating: 4.6

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Pros & Cons

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I always like to give readers of Better Grills an easy to read overview of the most found pros and cons.

  • Nice price
  • Plenty of smoke
  • Nice smoke ring


  • Temperature swings
  • pellet don’t fall in auger
  • No pellet clean out

My opinion of the Camp Chef Smokepro XT

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After doing the Camp Chef Smokepro xt review I have to tell you first that it was not easy to find a lot of information about this pellet grill.

Overall I think this is a nice affordable pellet grill/smoker but it is on the low end because of this.
In general you get what you pay for and this pellet smoker is no exception.

I read some things about temperature swings, but I think in general we get obsessed with accurate temperatures. You meat get cooked with an average temperature and long that is okay I am fine with temperature swings of 30 or even 50 degrees. This is however my personal opinion.


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Recommendations from us on other products to use with the Camp Chef Smoke Pro XT

Tips from real users

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Tips we found from real users that have used this pellet smoker for a while.

One tip I found several times doing the Camp Chef Smokepro xt pellet grill reviews is to buy the sear box instead of the side shelf.
It seems that this sear box get extremely hot and are great for searing.

You can also use it for a reversed sear where you smoke you steak and than sear it on this burner.

Also do not forget to buy a quality cover for this pellet smoker. Even when you keep it in the garage I would keep it covered. You can find the recommended Camp Chef Smokepro grill cover here or scroll to the grill covers we reviewed.

Camp Chef Smokepro XT 24

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