Camp Chef Smokepro SG 24 Wi-Fi Pellet Grill Review

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camp chef woodwind wifi 24 pellet grill

The Camp Chef Smokerpro SG 24 Pellet Grill is among the more advanced pellet grills that will give you unmatched value for your money. As compared to other models, I found so many interesting features in my Camp Chef Smokerpro SG 24 Wi-Fi Pellet Grill Review that were not present in many of its competitors.

The camp chef slide and grill 24″ pellet grill as some people call it comes in two colors. Black and Bronze.

camp chef smokepro sg 24 wifi pellet grill - black
camp chef smokepro sg 24 wifi pellet grill - bronze

Since you might be searching for the best Camp Chef pellet grill with modern and new features, I decided to compile a detailed review of what I loved about this unit.

Features of the Camp Chef SG 24

I had a good look at all the features in my Camp Chef Smokerpro SG 24 Wi-Fi Pellet Grill Review and will talk about the ones that I think do stand out. Here is an overview and I will dive a little deeper into some of them.

list of features of the camp chef sg 24 pellet grill

Large Digital Display

One of the most outstanding features I saw most customers comment online about is the large low-glare digital display.  You won’t strain to read it even when grilling under direct sunlight. The display features a large central knob for adjusting smoke levels, heat, and ignition. You can also use the larger control knob as the “enter” button or use it to navigate through the menu. 


In terms of construction, the Camp Chef Smokerpro SG 24 Wi-Fi pellet grill has a rugged construction to enhance durability. It has stainless steel construction and all the parts are coated using an anticorrosive substance. Besides that, it has a stylish black finish that gives it an amazing appearance. As many customers mentioned, the unit is well-insulated meaning that it is able to retain heat for longer periods even during the winter.

Cooking area

Anytime you are purchasing a grill, one of the key things you should check is the size of the cooking area. In this regard, this pellet grill has a total cooking area of 811 square inches.  The lower rack has a measurement of 429 square inches while the upper rack has a measurement of 382 square inches.

pellet hopper

pellet view window on the camp chef sg24 wifi

has a capacity of 22 lbs. and what I like in particular is that the hopper has a view window. This makes it easy to see if you have to add pellets to it on long cooks.

WI-FI and PID Controller

cell phone with wifi control for camp chef SG24 wifi pellet grill.

Unlike many pellet grills on the market, I noted that this one has an advanced PID and Wi-Fi controller. This feature helps to control smoke and temperatures according to the grill’s environment. You can also use it to set the smoke number. As a result, you will always get consistent results when cooking.  Again, this grill comes with 2 meat probes, reliable grease management, and cord management systems.

 Slide and grill

slide and grill option on the Camp Chef SG24

Most people believe that for you to get perfect meats with a smoke flavor, you must use either a charcoal or a gas grill. However, this model has a knob that allows you to switch between indirect and direct flame mode. The louvered drip tray enables the flame to reach the grill racks at the bottom. This gives you a variety of grill temperatures ranging from 160⁰F to 650⁰F.

Ash clean-out system

Even though pellet grills don’t produce a lot of ash, you still need to clean them frequently. However, this is not easy when using other models since you may need to remove the drip pan or the greasy grates. Unlike those models, this one is more convenient since it has a trap door below the firepot which allows the ash to drop into the removable cup. This makes your work easier when removing the ash or cleaning.

Easy to assemble

Assembling the Camp Chef Smokerpro SG 24 Wi-Fi Pellet Grill is very easy even for beginners. It will take you between 30-45 minutes to put it together. According to most reviewers, you need to be careful when assembling the handle and the hopper lid because you can easily drop the screw inside the hopper where it can easily fall into the auger. However, you can prevent screws from falling by putting paper across the hopper grate.

Video of unboxing and first use

I can write all kinds of features and benefits of the Camp Chef SG24 wifi pellet grill but a video can maybe explain it better than I can.

YouTube video player

Camp Chef Connect

Another great thing about it is that you can connect it to the Camp Chef Connect through its Wi-Fi. Through the app, you can easily control different aspects such as grill temperatures and smoke levels.

Smoke adjustments

When using this pellet grill, you can easily adjust the amount and strength of the smoke produced by each pellet. Through the pellet grill menu, you can choose your preferred smoke number from 1 to 10. After this, the grill is able to adjust the amount of smoke produced by either increasing or lowering the burn rate.

You should use lower smoke settings when smoking delicate meats like fish or chicken. Higher smoke settings will give you the amazing result when smoking tougher meats like ribs, brisket or when you want to achieve a deep smoky flavor.

From my research, I realized that most customers were concerned about inconsistent temperatures when the smoke level is high or low. According to them, this left some parts of the meat overdone or underdone.

If you want to maintain consistent temperatures, you can use the app to monitor the two temperature probes provided in the package.

Pros and Cons

  • Digital controller
  • Sturdy wheels
  • 10 pound hopper
  • 459 square inches grate
  • 8 in 1 cooking
  • Temp up to 450 degrees
  • Not that great for searing
  • No WiFi
  • No hopper cleanout
  • pellets sometimes stuck

 Additional accessories

If you are searching for a unit that combines the aspects of gas grills and pellet grills, this model is definitely the best. It comes with a sidekick sear box on the side which is fueled by propane gas.

The sidekick has a 14-inch cooking system that allows you to add an oven, grill, stockpot, griddle, and other cooking appliances.  Again, it comes with cast iron grill grates that create excellent sear marks. My reviewer also noted that it comes with a bottle opener on the side.

As for any grill I reviewed I always advise buying a well-fitting grill cover and this one is great for the camp chef 24 pellet grill.

camp chef 24 pellet grill grill cover

Camp Chef Smokepro SG24 review – My Opinion

 As compared to most pellet grills on the market, the Camp Chef Smokerpro SG 24 Pellet Grill comes with more advanced features.  It also has a modern design with unique technological features. 

Using this unit, you can easily achieve some great flavor, smokiness, and tenderness irrespective of the type of meat you are cooking. All the features are easy to understand even for beginners.  

I think that the WiFi feature will be a more and more standard option on pellet grills and the SG 24 is ahead of its competition with this.

It is also durable since it has a stainless steel construction with a black finish.  The unit comes with a 3 years warranty meaning that is indeed among the best pellet grills that will give you exceptional value for your money.

As I was checking reviews from various online stores, I found out that most customers would recommend the Camp Chef SG24 to their friends due to the fantastic features.

Eddie van Aken

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