Cajun Cookware Classic Hibachi Grill

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Reviewed by: Eddie Rating: 4.5
cajun cookware classic hibachi grillCast iron has been the main material for grills, stoves and all kinds of cooking devices forever.

The durability and the fact that it can last forever makes that it is still used a lot.

This Cajun Cookware Classic Hibachi Grill is no exception to that rule as you can read in our review.

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Table of Contents

1. About the Cajun cookware classic hibachi
2. Customer Reviews
3. Our Opinion
8. Tips from users

About the Cajun Cookware Hibachi Grill

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This seasoned cast iron grill that weighs about 40 Lbs is a full tabletop grill.
The grill grate is 15 inches in diameter and the total height is 8 inches.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Customer Reviews of the Cajun cookware classic hibachi

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“This grill is bigger than it looks, yet, surprisingly light. The item arrived quickly and very well packaged. I’m impressed with the vendor and with the product. There were no reviews posted when I purchased this, so I hesitated (about 3 months) before purchasing, and I am happy to report just how pleased I am with this. Additionally, the construction, cast iron pieces, is excellent, as well as the sturdy handle, which tucks conveniently away when not in use. You can see it in the photo, a detail I had originally missed..)”

“I had purchased this grill in June as a birthday gift for my man. He is a fan of the hibachi style grills and the one he had was looking like it had seen better days, so I read the reviews for this grill and the lodge grill and obviously decided on the Cajun. We don’t use traditional charcoal, we are fans of the hard wood stuff, and this grill works well with it. I’ve cooked on cast iron my whole life and this grill is good quality cast iron; as always take care of your things and they will last! Don’t leave it out to get rained on and oil it every now and then and you shouldn’t have any problem with it rusting. I purchased the grill off of amazon and it arrived promptly nor had I any issues when I inspected it. So if you prefer the look of this one over the lodge and want a larger cooking surface, is go with the Cajun….(read more here: here)”

Our opinion of the Cajun cookware classic hibachi

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This cast iron grill is made in China, but that does not make a difference in the quality for a change.
Everything except the wooden handles is made from cast iron.
Although according to one person it is not as smooth and polished as the Lodge it cooks just as good.
This cast iron hibachi got a little lower rating than the Lodge, but when I read all the reviews there are fewer complaints than I read in the Lodge ratings. This should mean in my opinion this Cajun hibachi should be rated higher.
The big advantage is the larger grilling surface and many people like the round design.
It is big enough to cook 5 decent sized hamburgers.
This grill can also be used with just wood if you would run out of charcoal.
Like any cast iron products it takes a little longer to heat up.
If you maintain this Cajun Classic Hibachi like one of the users mentioned it can last a lifetime.
One point was the little door on the front that seems to be a little loose and will come of if you are not careful with it.
Although it comes seasoned I recommend to season it again before the first time you use it.
It is my personal preference to also season the outside, but this is not necessary of-course.
Keep it out of the rain and keep it oiled and it will last forever.
We recommend the use of the Weber Charcoal starter to start your charcoal without fluids.
Read our article on how to start a charcoal grill without lighter fluid here.
Although this cast iron Cajun classic hibachi is not real cheap we can recommend it as a good buy.

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Tips from the cajun cookware classic hibachi users

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  • Take care of it and it will last a lifetime
  • Season before you use it to prevent rust
  • Oil the grate before you grill that will make your meat not stick
  • You can use wood instead of charcoal
  • Cheap with charcoal

Cajun Classic hibachi price
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Cast iron cajun cookware classic hibachi charcoal grill

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