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George Foreman Indoor Grill Reviews

George Foreman gill reviews

It was not easy to start on our George Foreman indoor grill reviews. There are so many models that we had to look very hard to find the most popular ones. We have narrowed it down to what we think…

Rec Tec Grill Review

Rec Tec grill reviews

After the Rec Tec grill reviews, we did there is not much other to say than that these grills comes highly recommended by many users as a top-rated pellet grill. The quality of the used materials in the Rec Tec…

Grill Light Reviews

grill lights

In the BBQ GRILL LIGHT REVIEWS I had a look at the best LED GRILL LIGHTS that will have the top WATERPROOF grill lights to help you GRILL AFTER DARK.

Pellet Smoker Reviews


Doing pellet smoker reviews is not easy I found out. The opinions are still very divided. Some people love them and use them every day and others hate them and would never buy one again. I have not made up…

Traeger Grill Reviews

Traeger Grills and pellet smokers

Before I started on the Traeger grill reviews I have to be honest and tell you that I was not a big fan of pellet smokers. I thought they would take the joy of messing with charcoal and wood chunks…

Fuego Grill Review

Fuego grill review

FUEGO GRILL REVIEW Of The Element Series We Did Here Will Give You An Idea If This Designer Grill Is The One That Will Fit Your Patio Or Balcony.

Oster Indoor Grills

Oster indoor grills

An Oster grill is on the indoor electric grill wish list of many people and reason is the affordable price on combination with the performance. When I start looking at Oster indoor grills to see if they were worth writing…

Cast Iron Hibachi Grills

Castr Iron hibachi grill review

Hibachi grills are know for being simple and portable. Most of them have a small cooking area and we did the cast iron hibachi grill review on better grills. grills because of their durability and ability to keep the heat…

Presto Griddle Reviews

presto griddle

The Presto griddle reviews I did are based on the fact that this is one of the first brands people mention when it comes to an electric indoor griddle. Looking at the prices compared to the high customer reviews we…