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Hunsaker Smoker

Hunsaker vortex ugly drum smokers are not as ugly as you might think and their performance is great.

Grass Fed Beef For The Grill

Grass Fed and Finished Beef For The Grill Or Smoker? Should you use this type of more expensive meat or not? I found a lot of pros and only a few cons here!

Z Grills Pellet Grills Review

The Z GRILLS REVIEWS Show That They Are pretty good Affordable Pellet Grills/smokers. The Models That Are Available Makes It Easy To Find One.

How To Buy A Gas Grill

Every website slowly has a how to buy a gas grill guide, but many have just copied it from some source and some of them don’t make to much sense to me. Reason for me to write the ultimate guide on how to buy a gas grill and not waste money on buying a grill …

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Grill Thermometer Reviews

Why grill thermometer reviews? Because a thermometer for your grill temperature and internal temperature in your meat can improve the quality of your cooking. The right digital meat or probe thermometer can improve your grilling We all spend most of the time a lot of money on a nice grill, smoker or BBQ and another …

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Grill and BBQ Accessories

Grilling without the right grilling accessories is almost doomed to fail. There are a few products you need to grill or to keep your grill in good shape. A few simple ones are a spatula, tong, and a grill fork. Without these, it is hard to keep grilling in an easy way. Products to help …

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Outdoor Grill Reviews And Ratings

Outdoor grill reviews we do are based on reading many customer experiences on a variety of websites, forums, and consumer sites. There are many grill brands and types of outdoor grills. I looked at many of them. From charcoal to liquid propane and natural gas grills. We also looked at the newest electric grills to …

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Electric Grill Reviews

Here you will find links to the full reviews of the electric grill reviews we did. There is a growing number of people who are not able to use charcoal or gas at there location and still like to grill. We have had a good look at the top-rated electric grills for you if you …

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Cuisinart Indoor Grill Reviews

We did Cuisinart electric indoor grill reviews for you because a Cuisinart electric indoor grill will be a great addition to your arsenal of cooking products. Great for lean cooking and Dieting. You can grill meat and keep all the juices in the meat without adding any butter or oil. Grilling is highly recommended in …

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How To Buy A Grill or BBQ

How to buy a grill and what kind of grill or BBQ should I buy is a question we run into a lot. Reason for us to write a post on how to choose the right grill that fits your family size, your way of cooking and grilling, and your budget. We will answer all …

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