Broil king keg 4000 Review

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The Broil King 4000 is no longer available and has been replaced with the 5000.

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broil king keg 4000 review

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Broil King Keg 4000 review we found that it is a Kamado style grill that is best fueled by lump charcoal.
The porcelain-coated double-walled steel cooking chamber will hold the temperature steady and the two dampers make it easy to regulate the temperature.

This grill got some good ratings and in this review, we will try to find all the pros and cons.

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BroilKing keg 4000 grill surface and grate material

This is on of the most important parts of a grill in my opinion. The right material can make a big difference in the way your meat will turn out.
The Broil King Keg has a nice total grill surface of 480 square inches divided in the main cooking area of 280- sq inches and the secondary cooking area of 200 sq inches.
The material of the main grate is cast iron and the secondary grate of chrome-plated material.

Material of the Dampers of the Broil King Keg 4000

The dampers of any grill are a very important part of the grill. They should work perfectly to avoid too many temperature fluctuations.
The top damper: Made of cast iron, because it is more exposed to high temperatures
The Lower damper: Made of stainless steel because the temperature at the bottom is a lot lower.

BroilKing keg 4000 Customer Reviews

“I’ve had my keg for 2 years now and it’s some of the best money i’ve ever spent. Everything I cook on here turns out great. I use it for smoking low and slow at 225 and searing steaks or cooking pizzas at 700+. This thing does it all. I prefer it over the big green egg. it’s lighter, it’s portable, and the outside doesn’t get near as hot while cooking. Your kids won’t get burned if they touch it. If you’ve never cooked on this style cooker, there will be a slight learning curve, but it’s not hard to figure out if you know how to cook. You can use more lump charcoal than the directions recommend…”

“I have the Big Steel Keg version (bubba v2) and have been using it for a couple years. The grill is absolutely phenomenal. The versatility is simply unmatched by any other grill in its class with the primary difference being the portability, which is the reason why I chose this model over a ceramic. I have taken the thing on numerous camping and fishing trips all over the southwest, which would be a perilous journey for a fragile ceramic cooker like a Big Green Egg. The hitch accessory is very useful for travelling with the grill.
The grill is insulated and built extremely well. It’s insanely efficient at retaining heat and moisture. The Keg does very well in wind and cold weather…”

Pros & Cons

Broil king 4000 pros


  • Holds temperature great
  • Easy to move with the big wheels
  • Uses just a little lump charcoal
  • Get real hot
  • Can cook low and slow
  • No Ceramic outside that will crack easy
broil king cons

Hard to find cons but here a few minor ones.

  • Has a learning curve
  • Cast iron grill grate breaks when you drop it
  • Unpack when you receive it. The packaging sometimes is bad and you can have a dented product
  • Not easy to use an electric charcoal starter

You can check the price for the “Broil King Keg 5000” Here

Broil King Keg 4000 – my opinion

Like always I like to focus on the lower reviews to see if there are things that I hear a lot.
The lower reviews were mostly about the packaging and sometimes that the grill was damaged.
Returning it is the solution and I think this has nothing to do with the grill, but with the shipping companies.
Overall this grill gets some really good reviews and ratings.

There are users that prefer this grill over the higher-priced brands because of the great quality.
What I think is important is that the grill grate is made of cast iron and that the top dampers is made of cast iron also.
If you grill a steak you need a lot of heat and with a cast iron top damper you don’t have to worry about warping.
The bottom damper is made of stainless steel and that is, in my opinion, a good choice since it does not get too hot.

The dampers have numbers on them so you can keep a log of how much charcoal and what damper settings you used.
This makes grilling a lot easier the next time.
We always recommend writing down your experiences for another time.

There is a learning curve for cooking on any Kamado-style grill and the Broil king keg 4000 is no exception.
Keeping the temperature low is a little bit of a challenge and that is one of the things I found a lot.
Most of the time you only have to add charcoal once to be able to cook for many hours.
I have read someone cooking slowly for 15 hours without refilling with charcoal.

According to the manufacturer, the thermometer is accurate. I have doubts about that since this would be one of the first built-in thermometers that would be accurate.
Read our pocket thermometer reviews and our probe thermometer reviews

There is a trailer hitch available to transport your grill. I have not yet found where they are available, but I read one review that mentioned that he used them.
Personally, I would be a little scared to hook up a grill in this price range to any trailer hitch. But that’s just my personal opinion and I have no proof that it is not safe to do.

The side tables are hooked up to the handles and I think that is great. With the tables, you don’t need the handles and if you want to move it you don’t need the side tables.
Overall I think this grill can be recommended as a good buy and I think I put it on personal my wishlist.

Features of the Broil King keg 4000

Recommendations for the broil king keg

broil king keg 4000  grill cover

We always recommend on adding a quality grill cover to any grill and we found the one that is made for the Broil Kin Keg 4000.

Amazon Rating: 5.0

Tips from real Broil king keg users

  • Buy the cover and don’t buy a cheap on at the local store. it is worth it
  • Grill grate is cast iron, so be careful not to drop it.
  • The accessories for a big green egg fit this grill
  • Diffuser plate can be used to add liquids like water, beer or anything else.

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