Brinkman Trailmaster Cover

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Brinkmann trailmaster cover

Reviewed by: Eddie

The Brinkmann Trailmaster cover
This grill cover is discontinued by the manufacturer. After a lot of research I found that the Char Broil Oklahoma Joe grill cover fits the Brinkmann Trailmaster just as good.
Will be writing a review very soon, but here is a link to the >> Oklahoma Joe grill cover <<<

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Might fit other grills also but it is designed for this particular Brinkmann smoker.
So if you think after reading this review it might be a good cover for your smoker make sure to check the size and measurements real good.
First I was not planning on reviewing this grill cover when I looked at the price. My initial thoughts were that the price was so low that it could not be a good quality. But I changed my mind and you can read why in this Brinkmann grill cover review.

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Rating: 4.5 stars

Material of the Brinkmann trailmaster cover e

The material is a heavy-duty vinyl with a water-resistant coating.
The total shipping weight is 3.8 lbs and it is made in China.

Size and measurements

The total measures are 68 x 26 x 41 inches ant his fits the Brinkmann Trailmaster Smoker perfect.
Since it was mentioned that this cover also fits other grills it is important to fit as nice as possible you should check your grill measurements real good if you are planning on buying this cover for another grill.

Remember that all grill covers are made on a sewing machine by hand. This can affect the actual size a little since it is still a kind of handmade.

Brinkmann trailmaster cover customer reviews

In order to provide you with up to date and relevant information, we visit many sites and forums to come up with the right advice.

This cover will fade when used in direct sunlight after a while and some people mentioned that because of the direct sunlight it became brittle.

It fits great on the smoker it is made for and keeps the rain and snow off. The Velcro straps at the bottom part keep it in place and prevent the wind from getting under the cover.

It would have been better if the cover was a little longer. Now it does not completely reach the bottom and this makes it possible that rains splatter up at the bottom part of the legs.

This cover will not fit too well if you do not take your shelf of the grill according to many people and for some people that was a really bad point. They would like to cover to fit the grill better with the shelf attached to it. Someone even wrote that it did not fit at all with the shelf attached. He had to take it off every time.

Someone mentioned that you could not put it on a hot grill. In my opinion, there is no grill cover that is made to put on a hot grill. You always have to wait until the grill cooled down.

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Our opinion of the Brinkmann Trailmaster grill cover

Taken into consideration the affordable price of the Brinkmann trailmaster cover and the average customer review of 4.5 out of 5 stars this is a decent grill cover
I think before buying a grill cover you should think about your weather and where your grill is stored in the wintertime.
If you use your grill year around you might want to look for a grill cover with a little more weight and heavier.
If you store your grill in a shed or garage in the winter I think this cover will hold for a while.

I have read two opinions about how well it fits with the front shelve on the grill.
Some mentioned that they had to remove the shelf and others mentioned no problem with the shelf attached to the smoker.
This proofs that these grill covers are made by hand and that a little difference in sewing can make the difference in a good fit or having to remove the front shelf.

When you live in a very rainy area I would look for a cover that is a little longer and covers the legs and wheels better to prevent rust on the lower rack. The problem is to find a cover of this size with the smoke stack in the right place. I would place the grill and cover out of the rain and direct sun after using if possible. With the wheels on the grill, it is easy to move.
If you, however, do not get so much rain this Brinkmann smoker cover will do fine.

If it does not bother you that the color fades after a while and it turns grayer then black this is not a bad cover. If you are more concerned about the look also this might not be the best choice.

Overall I would like to give the Brinkmann trailmaster cover a good rating, but do not expect it to last years and years. I guess with a little luck and after reading about it this grill cover might hold out for 3-year max.

I have also read that it does not always seem to come waterproof. Maybe spraying it with a waterproof spray like used for tents will improve the overall quality.

This is as far as I could find the only grill cover that fits the Brinkmann Trailmaster.

Tips and advice for the Brinkmann trailmaster cover

There are a few tips I found while I was doing the review for this Brinkmann smoker cover and I think they are good enough to share.
This grill cover will also fit the:

  • Oklahoma Jo Highland grill
  • Brinkmann TMLE
  • Just make sure to measure your grill real good before ordering to avoid disappointments.Tips:
  • You have to take off the front shelf to use the cover most of the time
  • Straps at the bottom work well
  • Check with a garden hose if it is waterproof
  • Send it back if there is any problem
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Florida and the Brinkmann grill cover

The person in this video claims that the grill cover caused his grill to rust in Florida.
I got no idea if this is true but placed it here so you can form your own opinion.

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