Improve The Taste Of Your Meat With A Kitchen Scale

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This might be a little strange title for an article on a website about grills and smokers but I will explain why I wrote this post.

Did you ever have that feeling that your meat tasted better or not as good as the other time you grilled or smoked it?

Last winter I had a busy schedule at work and not too much time to work on the website or even too much time to do any grilling or smoking. At the weekends I tried to do a little update but that is all.

This gave me however the time to think about a lot of things and one of the thoughts I had was about how to improve the consistency of the seasoning we used in relation to the weight of the meat we smoked or grilled.

It started to feel a little odd to me that we buy meat by the pound and make our seasoning with tablespoons, cups, and other measuring tools.

For meat we use pounds and for seasoning, we use fluid ounces.

This made me realize that I never know exactly how much seasoning I use per pound of meat.

I know, this might be taking it to a point that does not make too much sense and you might even think “What is the point in doing this”, But I like to be as precise as possible in my way of cooking.

We like to keep our temperature as constant as possible and spend money on Thermometers to monitor that even from inside with digital probe thermometers, but our seasoning we just rub on there and try to use roughly the same amount every time without knowing for sure.

I started to think that I should weigh my ingredients instead of using measuring cups and spoons and try to figure out how much of the seasoning mixture to use per pound of meat.

I realized that if you smoke a Boston But a few grams or ounces would not make much of a difference in the end result.
With a few pork chops or chicken breasts, it could make a big difference in the taste of the meat.

Okay, that is all my thoughts on that subject I had and now the next step was to find a decent kitchen scale.

I did research and found a website that did a great job on their kitchen scale reviews and although I do a lot of reviews here on the site I am not too interested in kitchen gadgets and that is why I did not do my own review for a change.

I found that many of the digital kitchen scales can measure up to about 11 pounds and that is good enough for my kind of grilling.

A larger surface to put your bowl on is also handy, but for the amount of seasoning, we use it is not a necessity.

I just chose the one that I thought was easy to use and one thing that is needed in my opinion was the option to reset it to 0 after weighing one ingredient before adding the next one.

What I started doing was converting my recipes from fluid ounces into grams and ounces and writing down how much I used per pound of meat I was planning on cooking on the grill or smoker.

I found this was helpful and made the taste of my meat more consistent and not one time taste a little different than the other time as I stated at the beginning of this article.

let me know your thoughts on this and if you think I am overdoing it.

Eddie van Aken

Eddie van Aken has run his own full-service restaurant for many years. Before that, he worked as a grill and buffet cook in some of the mainstream restaurants. With his experience using professional kitchen equipment, he is able to write expert reviews. You can read more about Eddie van Aken here.

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