Better Grills goes international?

Better Grills receives more world wide visitors

Since I started the Better Grills website in June 2014 my main goal was just to help people. Helping them to find the best grill for their specific situation and in their price range.

I thought that maybe a few people from here in the states would read some of it but was not expecting any more than that.

Above what I expected the number of visitors started to grow and grow. Sometimes in the middle of grill season, there are 400 visitors on any given day. Of course in the wintertime that is less.

What I found recently is that the website is receiving visitors from all over the world.

Although I started the website to describe how I was looking for a new grill and just writing about all the things I found out during that it grew over time with tips and ideas on how to grill and even some of my favorite recipes.

Now about 7 years later I still enjoy writing here and adding new subjects. Not only do I learn from it but looking at all the comments people leave on the articles it seems that it also helped other people and that was the starting point of this website.

More and more international visitors

A part of my effort to see if people reading the content here was signing up for what is called Google analytics.

Google analytics gives me insight into how many people visit the website and what pages they read. After all, if no one reads it I might as well delete the content.

For about 2 years I see more visitors coming from countries all over the world. Some of the countries are:

  • United States
  • England
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Europe

Not only do they read the informational articles but also many of the grill reviews I did here.

This makes me pretty happy and motivates me to keep writing more content and do more reviews of new grills that come out regularly or update older reviews with updated information.

Do I get paid for this?

One question I get once in a while is if I get paid for writing here. Sometimes I do get paid a small fee if someone buys a product through one of my links. But be assured that it does not raise the price you pay for it.

The payments I receive are just enough to pay the expenses for keeping this website going.

Sometimes a company sends me a product and asks me to write about it. I always tell them that I will do an honest review and that if I don’t like it I will tell the readers here so.

If there is something you would like me to write about or research for you feel free to contact me.

Eddie van Aken

Eddie van Aken brings years of experience from running a full-service restaurant, where he honed his skills with all types of kitchen equipment. His expertise extends to mastering the art of outdoor cooking, utilizing the right recipes to enhance flavors on grills and smokers. Eddie’s in-depth knowledge allows him to provide comprehensive grill reviews and valuable outdoor cooking tips, helping enthusiasts make the most of their grilling adventures. You can read more on the¬†About page for Eddie van Aken

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