Bearded Butchers Seasoning – One Of My Favorites

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bearded butchers spice blend review

The bearded butchers have sent me some of their seasonings and asked me to try them and write about them. As always I told them I would write an honest and unbiased review.

Who are the bearded butchers?

The bearded butchers (1) are the two brothers Seth and Scott Perkins from Creston Ohio. They grew up in their family butchering business Whitefeather meats. One of the things they got into is creating blends of spices that do not contain any MSG or anti-caking chemicals. The start was their original blend that has been around since 2012. After that, they expanded with 5 more spice blends and 2 sauces.

What Bearded Butcher blends I tested?

They send me their 6 pack of seasoning. This package contains the following blends.

  • Original
  • Black
  • Hollywood
  • Cajun
  • Chipotle
  • Hot
bearded butcher seasoning
Bearded Butcher blends

Spoiler Alert: My favorite is the Hollywood blend!

We have tried all of the Bearded Butchers seasonings on several types of meat and other dishes. We added them to stir-fry with potatoes, onion, bell pepper, and smoked sausage. We also added them to soups.

Here are some pictures of what we cooked with the Bearded Butcher spice blends and how they tasted.

Smoked Bologna

smoked bologna with bearded butcher Hollywood blend

I love smoked bologna. I tried it this time with the Bearded Butchers Hollywood blend instead of my own homemade mixture. I loved the taste of the combination of hickory-smoked bologna and the Hollywood spice mixture.

Smoked Ribs

Smoked ribs with bearded butcher seasoning blens

I think you have figured out by now that I love to use my UDS smoker. This time I tested two Bearded Butcher spice blends at the same time. I used Black on one of the slabs and on the other one I used the original.

ribs on a plate with two bearded butcher blends.

The black was a little sweeter and the original a little more spiced. But both go great with ribs. Nothing beats smoked ribs, baked beans, fried potatoes, and dinner rolls. What you use totally depends on your personal preference.


I am convinced that you can not just use any spice on chicken. So, I had to make a choice of what Bearded Butcher blend I was going to use for my grilled chicken. I decided to go for Chipotle and am happy that I choose this one. The result was very good.

chicken leg with bearded butcher seasoning on a plate

Grilled chicken with our homegrown carrots and mashed potatoes. I liked the combination of Chipotle and chicken. To be honest, I never used Chipotle before and after this cook, and I am sure I will use it more.

Boston Butts

I smoke a Boston Butt on a regular basis and have my own spice mix for this slowly figured out after all these years. So, it was hard for me to choose another spice blend not knowing how it would turn out.

I decided to make it a little spicy and use some of the Hollywood since that was one that came close to my own blend and added a little Cajun. The reason I did that is that I like pulled pork to be a little on the spicy side to match my BBQ sauce.

boston buts with bearded butcher seasoning on the ugly drum smoker.

Again I use my ugly drum smoker. I had thought about using 2 spice mixtures but I always cook 2 butts and mix up the meat in one pan after they are done. I do this to make sure that all the meat tastes the same. So, this was no option.

The combination of about 90% Hollywood and 10% Cajun gave it the perfect “bite” that I like to taste.

Stir-Fry Potatoes

potatoes and onions with bearded butcher spice blend

I am not sure anymore but I believe we used the Original blend and it tasted great.

Bearded Butchers Hot Spice blend.

This is the only one I have not cooked with. The reason is that I like spicy but not hot. Although I have not cooked with it I added some to my white beans and that spiced them up nicely.

Bearded Butcher Spices – My Opinion.

Overall you can not go wrong with any of the Bearded Butcher spice mixes. I have tried many store-bought spices and to be honest, most of them are not that great. The Bearded Butchers have been able to convince me that you can buy ready-made spice mixes that give you that “Wooooow” factor.

As a person that likes to mix his own spice blends, I know how hard it is to come up with the one that is what you had in mind. This makes me appreciate the hard work the Bearded Butchers have put into making their blends.

If you buy all six of their spice blends you can use each of them or a combination of them on any type of dish. Not just for beef, pork, wild, or any other type of meat you like but also for other dishes like stir-fry and even soups.

I think that the Hollywood and original are the spice mixtures you can use in many types of dishes. The Black is a little sweet. the Cajun, Chipotle, and Hot come with a little more of a “bite” and can be used a little sparingly.

After using them in several dishes I have used more of the Hollywood and Original. The reason is that I used them as a base spice and then added some of the other ones to make it to my taste.

I am sure that I will order some more in the near future.

What else do the Bearded Butchers offer?

Bearded Butcher offers more than spice mixes in their store. You can also buy their BBQ sauce and they have a nice section of knives that they use themselves every day in their butcher shop or on Amazon or in their online shop.

Eddie van Aken

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