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bbq competition books with champion recipes

Every competition BBQ cook thinks he or she wrote the best BBQ competition book and I can see them think that. After all, they have won some prizes in the contests.
I also think that some of the bigger names do not give all their secrets and competition BBQ tips to us as backyard grillers.
I did look around for a while and looked at some of the easy-to-download digital versions and talked to people who have a few of them.
The overall opinion is that they contain just as much information as books from big names. But if you like to see those books you can go to our best BBQ grilling book reviews and see if that is what you are looking for.

Since I am a total computer guy and a little impatient I like to access a book as soon as I set my mind to it. This makes me a big fan of the digital instant downloadable barbecue competition books.

I have found a few that in my opinion are pretty good and haves great competition BBQ tips in them.

Chatham Artillery BBQ

Chatham artillery BBQ book

This book is from Bill Anderson who lives in Tryon NC and has won many local and state BBQ competitions.

In the many comments and reviews I read about this book it seems that Bill is not holding back on any of his “secrets” and reveals all his strategies.

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Oscar Orillia’s Ultimate Guide

Delicious backyard BBQ tips cookbook

This book is from Oscar Orillia and it promises to give you all the secrets to a delicious backyard. Meaning some mean cooked meats.
What I like about this book is that, after buying it, you can send an email to Oscar and as far as I read the reviews he actually answers your questions and that is a nice plus if you buy this book.

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Barbecue Champ by Jason Jones

competition bbq tips book

I am not too familiar with Jason Jones but had a look at the reviews of the BBQ Champ book he wrote and a lot of people really like it.
This book is a little older but who worries about that if the content and competition BBQ tips are good! I don’t.

I found several websites that write about this BBQ Champ book in a very positive way.

I guess you have to read the sales page yourself and decide if this is the book you like to read. It comes with a 60-day refundable guarantee!

<<–Click on the picture or here to see what this book is all about.

If this is not what you are looking for we also found a ton of highly recommended BBQ and grilling books on Amazon that you can choose from.
Most Books are fairly cheap and make a great gift for a BBQ lover on his or her birthday.

The purpose of my trying to find and look at these books is to help you improve the BBQ and smoking results of your personal cooking.
Grilling or smoking some great meat is not too hard when you follow the tips that the pros give in these books. Why trial and error yourself if they did this already for you?

I learned my basic grilling and smoking from several books and it saved me a ton of time and money probably by not making the many mistakes you can make in this learning process.

Feel free to leave our readers a tip on any BBQ competition books you read!

Eddie van Aken

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