Bayou Classic Grill Review

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bayou classic review

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The Bayou Classic review will tell you all you need to know about this Kamado-style grill.
The handcrafted Bayou Classic grill makes every grill have a unique design.

It comes with a pre-assembled lid and this saves on assembling time.
Other features are the folding side tables, stay cool handles, and build in thermometer.

This grill comes with an included cover and that is a nice extra since we always recommend the use of a quality cover.

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Amazon Rating: 4.1

Bayou Classic Grill surface

With a diameter of 18.5 inches, there is more than enough room in this Kamado grill.
This is about the same size as most of the higher-priced Kamado cookers

Grill grate of the Bayou Classic

The grill grate is made of 5.5 mm thick stainless steel bars.
This is about 1/4 of an inch.

Customer Reviews of the Bayou classic cypress grill

“I never leave reviews but thought it might be useful in this case. I purchased this grill over a year ago for approx $699. At that time I compared to the Big Green Egg and Primo. The reviews at that time were mixed with several people noting that the quality of the Cypress was not in the same league as the Primo/BGE products. This is simply NOT THE CASE. Of the three brands, I felt like the Big Green Egg had a slightly better fit and finish with the Primo and Cypress being comparable…”

“I have had my grill for 2 months now. LOVE the way it cooks. Best pizza ever. I have to say it puts any restaurants pizza to shame. I am a baker and did my first bread tonight. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! More to follow. as I do more. I only wish it were a little bigger. This is the same size as the large big green egg.
If anything ever happened to this, I would go straight out and buy another….(read more: here)”

Pros and Cons of the Bayou Classic



  • Beautiful glaze finish
  • Big Thermometer with separate grilling “zones” (i.e. smoking, searing, etc.)
  • Heavy-duty cart/stand with nice casters.
  • Everything you need, including the cover, for one price
  • Customer service seems good
  • Five-year warranty


  • Some quality issues
  • The lower vent is not sealed
  • Seems that ceramic cracks easy at the bottom
  • Need some modifications to perform better

Summary of what we think of the Bayou Classic Cypress Ceramic grill

Click here to find the price on Amazon The Bayou Classic grill review took a lot of reading and digging to make up our mind about this grill
The remarks and opinions about this ceramic Kamado type grill are mixed, but there are something we found that came back in a lot of customer experience.
The grill performs well after most users did some modifications like making it better air-tight.

There are 2 ways of looking at this grill and it depends on how you like to use it and how demanding you are in your grilling.
For the average user, this is a nice grill and it will perform well.

For the more serious and experienced griller, there are things that have to be fixed first.
Things like making it more airtight including the vents.

The quality can not be compared with the big green egg or other Kamado grills in that price range.
This is maybe a lesser quality, but the price is also a lot less.

Overall this grill performs well after the mentioned modifications.
There were remarks about cracks in the wall or lid and I don’t know if this grill cracks more than others, but it looks like it.

With a five-year warranty and great customer service, a replacement part or refund has not been a problem is what we read.

Personally, I think, after reading a lot about the Bayou Classic that a 4.1 rating is a little low for this grill.

Recommendations for the Bayou Classic

kamado grill cook book

Cooking on a Kamado-style grill is not the same as on any other type of grill.
With this Kamado grill and smoke cookbook, you can prevent making beginners mistakes and start off the right way.
Available as hardcover and Kindle versions and received a 4.7-star rating.
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The second thing we recommend is some quality thermometers because most thermometers that come with grills are not accurate at all. Read our Thermometer reviews to find the ones we recommend.

Tips from users of the Bayou Classic Kamado grill

  • The BigGreenEgg Plate Setter (ceramic heat deflector) fits fine in this Cyprus cooker
  • Use heat tape and heat-resistant silicone to seal the bottom vent
  • The bolt that attaches the lid should be installed from outside

Eddie van Aken

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