ASMOKE AS350 Pellet Grill Review

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asmoke as350

When it comes to constructing pellet grills, Asmoke delivers sturdy and high-quality grills. The Asmoke portable 350 pellet grill is one of their products that caught my attention. In this Asmoke AS350 review, you will learn why the AS350 is the portable grill for your next campsite BBQ and backyard grilling.


Quality construction has been a critical element behind the Asmoke pellet grills’ success. The Asmoke 350 pellet grill features stainless steel and porcelain-coated nonstick iron grates.

Another feature behind the quality construction is hopper positioning. The hopper sits inside the briefcase design with clips closed, so the pellets do not spill when moving the Asmoke 350 pellet grill. In addition, the Asmoke electric portable wood pellet grill features two heavy-duty spring-loaded latches for securing the unit while not in use.

The portable grill weighs 47 pounds, which is light and easily portable. However, it does not come with the thick gauge steel you see in some models.

ASCA Technology For improved Grill Performance

asnoke as350 asca system

Asmoke 350 pellet grill is the first Asmoke grill featuring the ASCA Technology. The patented technology reinvents how the pellet grill utilizes humidity throughout the pellet grill. Therefore, you cook your meat using your preferred liquor and achieve new mouth-watering experiences.

Besides, the ASCA technology redefines steam distribution throughout the ducts, letting you auto cleanse the ash and clean the grill faster with ease.

Grill Performance

The wood pellet grill offers impressive versatility compared to other wood pellet grills of its size. The AS350 pellet grill features carefully burning wood pellets that deliver consistency, making it an ideal pellet grill for 8-in-1-cooking ability. Therefore, the AS350 allows you to char-grill, broil, sear, BBQ, bake, roast, smoke, or braise.

In addition, the AS350 comes with a digital temperature control feature with an analog control knob. The analog control knob gives you the kinesthetic response you want in a grill to ensure the temperature is ideal for the food you are cooking.

One of the trade-offs on this pellet grill is the smaller-sized hopper. It comes with a 4 pounds hopper, just enough to smoke a whole broiler-fryer chicken or trimmed rack of spareribs.

Cooking Area

The AS350 features 256 square inches of cooking area made up of the main rack, 191.4 square inches, and the removable upper rack, which is 46.6 square inches. Besides, the grill comes with a taller rid, offering you a much larger area for cooking.

The cooking area includes a small warming rack, which is removable to give sufficient room for smoking a small pork shoulder, 8 burgers, 12 hot dogs, and a modest broiler-fryer chicken.

The cooking grates feature porcelain-coated iron for the nonstick cleaning experience.

Ease of Assembly and Ease of Cleaning

The grill features simple construction, and it is easy to assemble. It comes with a manufacturer’s guide showing correctly assembling the grill. Therefore, even newbies can assemble the grill in less than an hour.

Another important feature about the AS350 is that it is easy to clean. Ideally, the grill features an auto ash cleaning system, which does a great job when it comes to pulling ash away. Besides, the grill grates feature porcelain coating that makes them easy to scrape down.

A video can probably explain it all better than I can.

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How Does the AS350 compare to AS300?

There are some differences between the two models that you should take into consideration before picking one or the other. One of the main ones is that the Asmoke AS350 compared to the Asmoke AS300, has an extra-deep lid allowing you to cook a whole chicken or even a turkey.

Here are some of the AS350 versus AS300 differences.

  • The AS350 comes with the ASCA system, which is not available on AS300
  • The AS350 weighs 47 pounds while the AS300 weighs 45 Pounds 
  • AS350 features an upgraded grease tough and trap system, while the AS300 grease trap has a smaller capacity
  • The AS350 features a liquid chamber for adding humidity, which is not available on AS300.
  • AS350 comes with an extra deep lid

Pros and Cons

  • AS350 features ASCA technology delivering faster heating
  • AS530 comes supports liquid seasoning
  • It comes with an upgraded ash trough
  • Small hopper

ASMOKE AS350 Review – My Opinion

The AS350 ASCA technology is a feature that makes the Asmoke wood pellet grills superior over other models. However, the trade-off is the smaller hopper capacity, which requires regular checking and refilling for fine cooking. 

Asmoke features solid quality and a sturdy setup, essential for durability and performance when working in less than ideal conditions.

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