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amaz'n tube smokerSince all Amazen smoke tubes work by the same principle and the only difference is the length of the tube we will review one of them an that is the most popular 12 inch. There are also available in 6 and 18 inches. You have to decide the size that is the best for your situation.

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1. Sizes
3. Customer Reviews
4. Pros & Cons
5. Video
6. Tips from users


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The amazen tubes are available in:

  • 6 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 18 inches

Customer Reviews

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“Love it! Simple, small to store when not in use, and very effective. I find I’m smoking everything from cheese and fish to peppers from the garden. I bought it because a friend has one and recommended it. I’ve since recommended it to a number of my friends. Some in my family will probably be getting them for Christmas….”

“There are a lot of positive reviews on here and if you’re a cynic like me that raises a red flag and the BS-O’Meter starts going off. Take this review for what it’s worth but oh my heavens to betsy! This made my smoking experience from an electric unit leaps and bounds better! I’ll be using my MES much more now that I have this thing. I purchased the `12” tube’ in hopes to keep a good smoke going for about 4 hours and it gave me almost 9 hours w/o a refill @ between 205-235º fahrenheit. Never once did I have a flare-up nor did it become extinguished due to lack to airflow….(read more here: Amazen tube Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.8

Pros & Cons

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There are many pros for this product we found, but they all boil down to the same things.
Easy to use, small, hours of smoke, etc

The only con I could find was about the price, but like with anything else. You get what you pay for I guess.

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Video of the Amazen tube

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Tips from real users

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Short Smoke Session

Sometimes, I want a short duration of smoke – say, 30 minutes (as the saying goes, you can always add a more smoky flavor, but you can’t take it out). However, you can’t just throw half the number of pellets in, because they have to be tightly-packed to work properly. What to do?? Roll up some aluminum foil, and pack it into the bottom half of the smoker, in effect reducing the volume by half. Then load the remaining space tightly with pellets, fire them up, and bingo.

How to light a maze n tube

There are several methods to start amazen tube, but the most mentioned is to use a torch and make sure it gets started pretty good before closing the lid of your smoker.

amazen-pellet-smoker box
The A-Maze-N pellet smoker is one of the many products they have to add more smoke to your smoker. Very easy to use and can even be used for cold smoking since it produces smoke and not so much heat. If you have not enough room you can have a look at the Amazen smoke tube we reviewed also.

The size of this Amazen pellet smoker box makes it very easy to use in about any size grill or smoker.

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Table of Contents
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1. Size
3. Customer Reviews
4. Pros & Cons
5. Our Opinion
6. Tips from users

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Amazen pellet smoker size

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The size is 5 inches long and 8 inches wide.
This makes it easy to fit in most grills or smokers, even in the smaller ones.

Customer Reviews

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Like always we look at the lower ratings to find out what those people have to say and how many low ratings there are.
About 5% gave it a 1 star and the reason was that the pellets stopped smoking after a while and not the whole amount was used.

I have no experience with electric smokers, but a lot were from electric smokers and we all know that electric smokers are most of the time very airtight. The pellets in the pellet smoker need oxygen to keep burning. There were however also a few people who used it in a regular smoker and had the same complaint.

I still think it has to do with airflow over the pellets or maybe even the pellet being too wet. In the Amazen tube smokers I have not read anything about this problem.

The 2-star raters, also about 5%, had similar problems but some of them had the opposite and complaint about the pellets burning up to fast. Again in my opinion and oxygen problem. Too much will let them burn faster, just like your charcoal.

The 3 stars were much more pleased with the product and still, some had the problems mentioned in the 1 and 2-star raters, but they kept trying and experimenting with airflow and amount of oxygen.

The 4 and 5-star raters, who added up to about 83% of the total, were obviously more pleased with the pellet smoker.
One remark I found mentioned that smoking and especially beginning with smoking can be intimidating and that trial and error is one of the things you have to do.

One of the problems seems to be to get this pellet smoker to get started. Someone even mentioned that the opening to light it was on the wrong side.

A tip was to light it in the hole, but also on the side, this seems to work better to keep it light.
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Most of the higher raters mentioned that at first they had some problems and had to figure out how to use it in their set up and situation.
One even mentioned 12 hours of smoke from it and someone else used only 2 rows and got over 5 hours out of it.

Amaz'n tube price

Pros & Cons

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There are many pros for this product we found, but they all boil down to the same things.
Easy to use, small, hours of smoke, and it comes with a little learning curve to adjust it to your way of smoking

The cons are that it most of the time does not work straight out of the box. electric smokers seem to have more problems with this.
Getting it light is not to simple and requires a blow torch or something like that.

Our opinion of the Amazen pellet smoker box

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Overall this pellet smoker tube gets more good than bad reviews.
The most mentioned problem is to get is started and to keep it going. It seems that the key it to get it light real good and then make sure the airflow is getting through the pellet smoker to keep it going.

Most experienced users say to keep the top vent open and the bottom vent using a regulator.
This pellet smoker is good for cold smoking in a little bigger smoker. It still gives of a nice amount of heat to be used for cold smoking in a smaller grill.

price fer infrared

Tips from real users

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There were a few tips that I can share here and the most useful one is to pack the pellets real tight to make sure that the fire keeps staying transferred throughout the whole smoker.

You can also read out post on how to use a smoke box here or if you think an Amazen smoke tube is better for your situation you can read that here.

One of the other tips was that it is really important that the pellets are real dry and do not contain any moisture. The moisture will let the fire die out.
Keep them stored in a dry place.

When getting started it is really important to keep the fire going for about 10 minutes before closing the grill. This will ensure that with a good oxygen flow the pellet smoker will keep going.

If you would like to start with smoking you can first try to use wood chips for smoking to get the hang of it and later find out if the Amazen pellet smoker is a better and easier option for you.

I have read in several of the pellet grill reviews we did that people still like to add some extra smoke and use a smoke tube for that purpose.
They are also great for so-called “cold smoking”

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